Please Pray For This Family

This was on my Facebook May 25, 2020.


Please take a moment a pray for this sweet young man.. This is just so sad on a day that wad supposed to be filled with joy.. 😢

Fleming County parents killed in crash on the way home from son’s high school graduation.


Posted at 8:35 AM, May 25, 2020
and last updated 1:31 PM, May 25, 2020

FLEMING COUNTY, Ky. (LEX 18) — Two Fleming County parents were killed in a car crash on Saturday after leaving their son’s high school graduation.

Also in the car were two of their sons, who are recovering at UK Hospital.

Kentucky State Police say the crash that killed Nancy and Lyndon Barnett happened near the intersection of KY-599 and KY-11.

Dalton Barnett is their youngest son and had just finished getting his diploma at his social distancing graduation celebration when the crash happened on their way home.

Dalton’s principal, Stephanie Emmons says this tragedy is felt not only in the school but throughout the entire community, “being from a tight-knit community any kind of tragedy doesn’t just impact a small portion of the community, it impacts all of us.”

Dalton was one of the first grads to walk across the stage, his mother, Nancy, wore a shirt that read “some people wait their entire lives to meet their inspiration, I raised mine.”

Emmons says Dalton has plans to join the military after graduation.

Dalton and his older brother, Michael, are being treated at UK Hospital.


To all of my readers, any of you that are praying people, please pray for this young man and the rest of his family, especially his brothers that are being treated at UK Hospital.

This young man and his brothers have a long way to go, and no parents to help to guide them when they need encouragement.

Also, please put this family on the prayer list at your individual Churches.The more prayers the better. Besides, prayers never hurt anybody. Thank you for joining me in my praying for them at the same time as some of you may be praying for them also.

Old-timer’s Situations

This was from Facebook.


Image may contain: 1 person, food, text that says 'What do you have with no fat and no sugar? Napkins'

When you are on a diet, and you go into a bakery, this is the reply you may receive if you actually did ask that question. I can picture it in my mind now. But, I guess it could have been worse. The lady behind the counter could have said, “I’ll fill a bag with our sweet smelling air, and you can imagine you are about to eat one of the goodies, that you can’t have on a diet.”

Ice Cream In A Bag

This was on Facebook, Kelly Bagnasco’s page.


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Kelly Bagnasco

Here’s one you definitely need to do with the kids!


This would be really nice on a sweltering hot day. The kids would probably like to help you to make it.


Another Beautifully Colored Bird

This is from Facebook. Unfortunately there was no type of bird mentioned for what bird this is.


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Dee YoungFollow

Why this Bird looks like it’s about to drop the hardest mixtape of all time 😂🔥💯


It’s a beautifully colored bird. I just don’t know what it’s name is. It’s still so amazing to me that all of these birds and insects, that are so strangely colored and/or formed, are showing up at this time, when the quarantine is going on. I feel like God is trying to tell us that He is still here. And proving it by showing us these beautiful creations of his.

Possibly someone that is friends with me on Facebook may post this bird’s name, when they see me mentioning that I don’t know what kind of bird this is.

Easy DIY To Keep Wasps And Wood-bees Away

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Jeanie Jones

Day 3 and NO wasps Or wood bees on our porch. Just a brown paper sack and I put plastic bags to fluff it out. Suppose to mimic a Hornets nest. Seems to be working.


If any Wasps or Wood bees show up around where I live, I’ll have to try this out.


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Why this Bird looks like it’s about to drop the hardest mixtape of all time 😂🔥💯

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The Many Uses Of Peroxide

This came from Facebook, on Kelly Bagnasco’s page.


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Kelly Bagnasco

Who knew?

The many uses of Peroxide 🤔

My friend has a friend who’s dad is a doctor. She was over recently and smelled the bleach, I was using to clean my toilet and counter tops.

This is what I learned that day:
She says, ‘I would like to tell you all of the benefits of that plain little ole bottle of 3% peroxide you can get for under $1.00 at any drugstore. What does bleach cost?

Most doctors don’t tell you about peroxide.

Have you ever smelled bleach in a doctor’s office? NO!!! Why? Because it smells, and it is not healthy!

Ask the nurses who work in the doctor’s offices, and ask them if they use bleach at home. They are wiser and know better!

Did you also know bleach was invented in the late ’40s? It’s chlorine, folks! And it was used to kill our troops.

Peroxide was invented during WWI.. It was used to save and help cleanse the needs of our troops and hospitals.

Please think about this:

1. Take one capful of hydrogen peroxide (the little white cap that comes with the bottle) and hold in your mouth for 10 minutes daily, then spit it out. (I am doing it when I bathe.) No more canker sores, and your teeth will be whiter without expensive pastes. Use it instead of mouthwash.

2. Let your toothbrushes soak in a cup of peroxide to keep them free of germs.

3. Clean your counters and table tops with peroxide to kill germs and leave a fresh smell. Simply put a little on your dishrag when you wipe, or spray it on the counters.

4. After rinsing off your wooden cutting board, pour peroxide on it to kill salmonella and other bacteria.

5. If you have fungus on your feet spray a 50/50 mixture of peroxide and water on them (especially the toes) every night and let dry.

6. Soak cuts in 3% peroxide for a few minutes several times a day to prevent infections. .

7. Fill a spray bottle with a 50/50 mixture of peroxide and water and keep it in every bathroom to disinfect without harming your septic system like bleach or most other disinfectants will.

8. Tilt your head back and spray into nostrils with your 50/50 mixture whenever you have a cold or plugged sinus. It will bubble and help to kill the bacteria. Hold for a few minutes, and then blow your nose into a tissue.

9. If you have a terrible toothache and cannot get to a dentist right away, put a capful of 3% peroxide into your mouth and hold it for 10 minutes several times a day. The pain will lessen greatly.

10. And of course, if you like a natural look to your hair, spray the 50/50 solution on your wet hair after a shower and comb it through. You will not have the peroxide-burnt blonde hair like the hair dye packages but more natural highlights if your hair is a light brown, reddish, or dirty blonde. It also lightens gradually, so it’s not a drastic change.

11. Put half a bottle of peroxide in your bath to help get rid of boils, fungus, or other skin infections.

12. You can also add a cup of peroxide instead of bleach to a load of whites in your laundry to whiten them. If there is blood on clothing, pour it directly on the soiled spot. Let it sit for a minute, then rub it and rinse with cold water. Repeat if necessary.

13. I use peroxide to clean my mirrors. There is no smearing, which is why I love it so much for this.

14. Another place it’s great is in the bathroom, if someone has been careless, has peed on the floor around the toilet, and it’s begun to smell of urine. Just put some peroxide in a spray bottle spray. In the blink of an eye all the smell will be gone and the bacteria eliminated! (I wish I’d known this years ago)

I could go on and on. It is a little brown bottle no home should be without! With prices of most necessities rising, I’m glad there’s a way to save tons of money in such a simple, healthy manner!

This information really woke me up. I hope you gain something from it, too. 😁

Pass it on! Clorox v/s peroxide VERY interesting and inexpensive.


The Human Touch

This came from Facebook.


I had spent an hour in the bank with my dad, as he had to transfer some money. I couldn’t resist myself & asked…

”Dad, why don’t we activate your internet banking?”

”Why would I do that?” He asked…

”Well, then you wont have to spend an hour here for things like transfer.

You can even do your shopping online. Everything will be so easy!”

I was so excited about initiating him into the world of Net banking.

He asked ”If I do that, I wont have to step out of the house?

”Yes, yes”! I said. I told him how even grocery can be delivered at door now and how amazon delivers everything!

His answer left me tongue-tied.

He said ”Since I entered this bank today, I have met four of my friends, I have chatted a while with the staff who know me very well by now.

You know I am alone…this is the company that I need. I like to get ready and come to the bank. I have enough time, it is the physical touch that I crave.

Two years back I got sick, The store owner from whom I buy fruits, came to see me and sat by my bedside and cried.

When your Mom fell down few days back while on her morning walk. Our local grocer saw her and immediately got his car to rush her home as he knows where I live.

Would I have that ‘human’ touch if everything became online?

Why would I want everything delivered to me and force me to interact with just my computer?

I like to know the person that I’m dealing with and not just the ‘seller’. It creates bonds of Relationships.

Does Amazon deliver all this as well?”’

Technology isn’t life..

Spend time with people .. Not with devices.

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Freedom Isn’t Free

This is from Facebook.


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There are many many people that take freedom for granted. They were born into a free nation and just figure that it has always been that way, and  will always be that way in the future.

I am constantly surprised by the number of people that do not respect or appreciate our veterans. Apparently they have never paid attention to any articles, conversations, news broadcasts or anything else that has to do with our veterans.

As for myself, I have always said and posted about our veterans. I try to always let it be known that I appreciate our service people always being willing at a moments notice to defend our rights and our freedom while protecting our safety. The way I put it is this: “Even though I do not know your name, thank you for your willingness to give your life to keep America free, and for those that did give their life, Thank you for giving the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and safety. You are appreciated and loved, and will never be forgotten.”

It is unconscionable how our veterans are treated when they return from service. I cannot imagine how a veteran feels when he/she gets home from their service to our nation, only to find out that their house has been foreclosed on and they are now homeless. It is hard to accept that a serviceman/servicewoman, living on base with their family, has to receive food stamps in order to be able to feed their family. These men/women were willing to give their life for our freedom and safety, and cannot even afford to feed their family on the money that they receive while serving our country.

I know I have repeated myself several times, but what I am saying needs to sink in to the forces that be. Not that they will be aware of what I have said here. I don’t think that it will ever even happen, but I feel that I have to keep saying it every chance I get. Sort of a like the squeaky wheel gets the oil, I’m being the squeaky wheel.

Stay Home – It May Save Lives- Not Just Your Own

This is from Facebook. It reemphasizes what I have said, as well as many others, since day one.


Let’s say you woke up with a terrible cough, a fever, and severe body aches. Immediately, you rush to the doctor and unfortunately, you’re diagnosed with COVID-19. For the last two weeks, you’ve been unaware that you were infected and you’ve ignored “the rules.” You’ve gotten together with some close friends for pizza, had a few people over, even visited a park and a beach. You figured, “I don’t feel sick. I have the right to keep living my normal life. No one can tell me what to do.”

With your diagnosis, you spend the next few days at home on the couch, feeling pretty crappy; but then you’re well again because you’re young, healthy and strong. Lucky you. But your best friend caught it from you during a visit to your house, and because she didn’t know she was contagious, she visited her 82-year-old grandfather, who uses oxygen tanks daily to help him breathe because he has COPD and heart failure. Now, he’s dead.

Your co-worker, who has asthma, caught it too, during your little pizza get-together. Now, he’s in the ICU, and he’s spread it to a few others in his family, too–but they won’t know that for another couple of weeks yet.

The cashier at the restaurant where you picked up the pizza carried the infection home to his wife, who has MS, which makes her immunosuppressed. She’s not as lucky as you, so she’s admitted to the hospital because she’s having trouble breathing. She may need to be placed in a medically-induced coma and intubated; she may not get to say goodbye to her loved ones. She may die surrounded by machines, with no family at her bedside.

All because you couldn’t stand the inconvenience of a mask; of staying home; of changing your familiar routines for just a little while. Because you have the right, above all others rights, to continue living your normal life and no one, I mean no one, has the right to tell you what to do.

#SocialDistancing = It’s not about YOU!
#WearAMask = It’s not about YOU!
#StayHome = It’s not about YOU!
#GetTested = It’s not about YOU!

Written by Anonymous. Copied from a friend and shared.


I don’t need to add anything else to this.

Humanity And Mass Generalizations

This is from Facebook, but I am having to write everything down as it wouldn’t copy and paste like the others have.


Why is it we are compelled

to make mass

generalizations and peg

individuals as something

or someone they clearly

are not?

We are losing our



I am inclined to believe that this is happening on account of the pandemic. The quarantine makes us become almost unrecognizable, what with having to wear a mask and gloves when out in public places. This is necessary so as not to spread the COVID-19 to our self or to others. Unfortunately, I am one of those people that may recognize you in a uniform, if you wear one everyday, but not recognize you in regular everyday clothes. The same thing applies to people that normally wear their hair up and when they wear it down, I don’t know who in the heck they are. I know that this is true for me, but I have a hard time remembering people’s names as is. The mask makes it several times harder to know who you are talking to.

The worst part about all of this pandemic is the people who are not taking it seriously, and therefore not wearing the required masks or gloves. They think that they are invincible. Not once do they stop to think about the other guy on either side. Does this guy have COVID-19? Will I actually be able to not get deathly ill if I go around this guy? Will I give this COVID-19 to someone else in my family, that won’t be able to overcome it if they get it?

These are the things that selfish people don’t even care about. The reason being in the first part of the word SELFish. They only think about how it is going to burden them with having to do all this extra stuff, not to mention not being able to go where ever they want to go because of social distancing and most places being closed or semi-closed in that they are only open certain hours and then only let in a certain number of people.

Hopefully this COVID-19 won’t last too much longer, and we can get back to being basically normal with just still wearing a mask when going out. Although I have read that it’s possible that this will last to 2022 and the longest period going out to the end of 2025. So far as I’m concerned, I will keep doing the precautions until there have been no new cases reported for a period of 4-6 weeks.