5 Things You Can’t Recover

This was on my Facebook, as most of my posts since the quarantine have been. What was on Facebook and what I write will be separated by a * all the way across the page.


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My interpretation of the five things listed above.

1. “A stone after it’s thrown.” Granted you can’t get back whatever the stone hit and broke, however, you can go and physically pick the stone up and throw it again.

2.” A word after it’s said.” No, you can’t take back what was actually said, but you can apologize for it, and try never to repeat it.

3.”Time after it’s gone.” Even though you can never get back the time, once it’s been used, but if there was something that you needed to get done, you can work twice as hard to catch up on getting the things done that needed to be done during the time that was lost.

4.”Trust after it is lost.” You will never be able to have thew trust that you once had with whomever you had the trust with. However, you can regain some trust back if you never repeat whatever the thing was that first caused them to stop trusting you.

5.”An occasion after its missed.” That one you will never be able to do over. The best you will ever get is to look at whatever pictures were taken during the occasion or event.

There is one thing that you can do to try to not have any of these things be repeated. You can concentrate on your inner thoughts and feelings trying not to allow any of those bad feelings to take over your body again. It won’t be easy if you are a person that procrastinates or loses your temper a lot. You will have to work twice as hard as most people to try to keep any of these from ever happening again.. But it is do-able.