9 Totally Terrifying Facts About Bedbugs That You Should Know

Bedbugs Can Produce Three or Four Generations in One Year Female bedbugs can lay between one and five eggs a day, which means that up to 35 bedbugs are born each week to week and a half from one adult female. Eggs hatch within six to 10 days and babies become adults in five weeks.

Bedbugs Can Infest Appliances Bedbugs will hide in any place that provides darkness and security. Crevices and corners are popular hiding spots, and if a home becomes infested, bedbugs can hide in alarm clocks, toasters, and any place else where there’s darkness and tight areas.

  • Bedbugs Can Live Inside the Walls Homeowners can treat bedrooms and living areas for bedbugs, but these tiny bugs can infest a home by creating nests within the walls. Even if a bedbug treatment seems effective, unless the treatment kills the bugs within the walls, the bugs will re-infest the home within a matter of days.

  • Bedbugs Travel Well Bedbugs are world travelers. These critters easily attach to luggage, clothing, and furniture, which is how homes and hotel rooms become infested. Purchasing used mattresses, luggage, or furniture is one way a home can end up with an infestation of bedbugs. People who travel frequently have a higher risk of bringing bedbugs home, which is why anyone can have a bedbug infestation regardless of cleanliness.

    • Bedbugs Don’t Go Down Easily It’s not easy to kill bedbugs. Regular exterminating sprays often fail to control bedbugs because, unlike other pests, pesticides won’t stick to the feet and legs of bedbugs. Exterminators must spray every bedbug, which is why it can take numerous treatments and a variety of methods before eradication of the bedbugs.

    • Bedbugs Suck the Blood of Humans and AnimalsOften referred to as vampire bugs, bedbugs feed on human blood and one meal can last them a couple of days. Some bedbugs will also feed on animals, so pets are at risk of being bitten, too.

    • Bedbugs Can Live for Months Without FoodIt’s very difficult to starve bedbugs. You cannot leave your home for a few weeks and expect the bugs to be dead. Adult bedbugs can live without eating for several months. Extermination combined with special bed sheets that trap the bugs and cuts off their food source is the best method of eradication.

    • Bedbugs Can Infest Entire BuildingsBecause bedbugs travel on furniture and clothing, it’s very easy for an entire apartment building or college dorm to become infested. If your neighbor has bedbugs and carries furniture, luggage, or a mattress down the hallway, it’s very easy for bedbugs to move around the building. The only course of action is to treat every unit for bedbugs, although a re-infestation is always possible.

    • They Can Cause Health IssuesWhen a bedbug bites, they inject saliva with anticoagulants and painkillers. While some humans experience no reaction at all, others can have an extreme allergic reaction. The symptoms usually include redness, itching and swelling at the source of the bite.