“A Place For Everything and Everything In It’s Place” – Part 2

This post is a continuation of the first post of “A Place For Everything and Everything In It’s Place”. In the first post the pictures were of my kitchen and the hall closet. The pictures in this post are of my bathroom.

As I post each picture, I will explain the picture and where the area is in my bathroom. Then I will try to explain why I chose to store the things the way that I did. I hope that this will help you to be able to organize things wherever you live. Organization helps a person to be able to live a life that is not encumbered by clutter and confusion.

This picture is as soon as you come into my bathroom and turn left, this is what you see. To make the towel storage, I first took the grey shelf unit, that is by the light switch, and put a piece of plywood, that I had used for something else in my other apartment, on top of the grey shelf. On top of the piece of wood, I took two small individual step stools and put them on either end of the board, and then took another step stool and straddled the first two. The step stools have square holes in each corner so that the legs of another step stool will stack on top of it. I will point it out in another picture when it is clearly visible. beside the shelf there is a seven drawer chest of drawers where I store many of the supplies that I need for taking care of my artificial bladder. Obviously the smaller items go in the smaller drawers and the larger items go in the bigger drawers. I will explain them later also. On top of the chest of drawers there is a board cut to size to fit it. This is so that I can put different items on top of the plastic and not cave in the top of the chest. To cut any board to size to protect a plastic storage chest or container you have to measure it. It is necessary to know how how long and how wide the top of the plastic is. the board has to cover the four corners. The reason for this is because the corners are the strongest place on the top. If the board was cut smaller, it would cause the top to cave in even worse. There is a step stool for me to use whenever I am changing my catheter or doing other things concerning my bladder. I have a raised toilet seat because of my artificial knee. My knee won’t bend all the way, so the toilet seat has to be higher up.

20150321_134647The pictures below show that the brown step stool on the top is actually straddling the two blue step stools below it. In essence, by doing this I have given myself quite a bit more storage than what I would have had by using only the grey shelf unit.

As I am obsessive compulsive about the appearance of items in my apartment , you will notice that all of my towels are folded the same way and facing in the same direction. It took a little bit of trying and some practicing on how to fold the towels so that they would fit in the spaces that I had where they could go. As you can see, the second blue shelf has just miscellaneous items on it.


The board that is on the grey shelf unit holds my wash cloths, hand towels, bath mats, and a container with syringes in it.


The first actual shelf on the grey shelf unit has my little bag with toiletries that can be picked up at a moments notice in case of an emergency that I have to go spend the night somewhere. The white towels with the blue stripes are used in connection with my artificial bladder care, as well as the items in the beige basket. The towels to the left are just miscellaneous towels for whatever they may be needed. The unit to the side that is barely visible is a seven drawer unit for more bladder supplies, such as pads, plugs, and overnight drainage bags.


The second shelf down has my linen sets and extra sheets and pillowcases.



The third and last shelf has a big bin in/on it so that I can use it similar to a drawer. As there is no way that I would be able to reach any of the items on the back of the shelf by myself. If I get down on the floor, it is very difficult for me to get up.



This next picture shows the top of the seven drawer chest. There are numerous things on it that I would have to get to in a hurry and did not want to have to try to remember which drawer they were in. Having dementia makes it hard to remember a lot of things.

The first drawer has ponytail bands in it, bandaids, baby pins, really handy because they are harder to pop open when they have something pinned together, such as the waistband on my slacks, and some other odds and ends. The second drawer has different little things such as catheter plugs, tops for the drainage bag tube when I have to plug off for the medicine to stay in my bladder, little brushes to clean out the little items that I have to use, and other miscellaneous things. The third drawer has large bandages and rubber gloves in it.



The fourth drawer has miscellaneous powders, creams and ointments in it, that I have to use from time to time when I have skin problems around the indwelling catheter in my abdomen. There is also really thin packing gauze strips in little bottles to pack large open places with, Such as the times that I have had abscesses that had to be packed twice a day until they healed.



The first big drawer has ABD pads in it. I have to use two with the indwelling catheter at all times. They are changed three or four times a day. One goes under the catheter and one goes on top of the catheter right up next to my skin where the catheter comes out of my abdomen. The second big drawer holds the Prevail belted shields pads (like the original depends pads were years ago before they came out with the discrete underwear), that go over the two ABD pads. The ABD pads are super absorbent, but they are not waterproof. The Prevail pads are waterproof. If I did not use them, then I would be wet all the time and would not be able to go anywhere. The third big drawer holds pads that a friend made for me that I used before my bladder got so bad that I had to have the artificial bladder surgery.



This is the shelf that I mounted on the wall behind the toilet. I needed a place to hold the sterile water that I have to use to inflate the balloon on the indwelling catheter, and the saline that I have to use to irrigate the catheter. I also put the cornstarch baby powder, toilet paper, mouthwash and hair dryer on it.



The next picture just shows my medicine cabinet. You can see that most of what is in there has to do with brushing my teeth and using mouthwash. There is also some eye glasses cleaner, and cologne in there.



This next picture just shows how I have other stuff arraigned in my bathroom. the baby diaper pail is my trashcan for the bathroom. Because of having to change all of the pads so many times a day, a small trashcan was just not big enough to hold them.

I had the baby diaper pail from when I trained my service dog to use a doggie litter box for the times that I was too sick and could not take her out. I used white towels folded up in the litter box with an underpad on top of it. They are the ones that people use on beds under people so they won’t have accidents in the bed and have to keep changing sheets. I put them on top with the towel underneath so it would be soft to her little feet. She was a long haired chihuahua – cocker spaniel mix. She rode in a basket on my lap everywhere I went. She alerted me five minutes before I would have an asthma attack that I was going to have one. She would put a paw on each shoulder and start licking my face as fast as she could lick. I didn’t realize at first what she was doing, until after a few ambulance rides to the hospital with the attacks and I would remember her having done that. Then it dawned on me what she was doing. So I started doing the breathing treatments every time she would start licking my face and putting her paws on my shoulders. That cut down on  the ER visits considerably.



The last two pictures are just for a final look at the whole bathroom on the side where the items are stored. My makeshift linen closet if you want to call it that. Only thing is that it is not enclosed with a neat door to keep everything out of view. If I must say so myself, I don’t think it looks too bad. Besides, if you are coming to see what my house looks like, and not to see me, then don’t bother coming at all. I do the best I can at any given time. Needless to say some times are better than others.




In conclusion, I just want to say that I hope that this exhaustive, for you to look at and read, article may have helped in some way or another. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.