What is BlogsByMamma?

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BlogsByMamma.com has taken the place of MammaHen.com to help people in their everyday lives. In this website I will talk about my medical problems and how I have handled them, as well as ones that have given or are giving me problems. As I am a professional poet, there will be poems throughout the website from time to time, dealing with different topics such as struggles, successes, and so much more.

I will give copies of recipes that other people have shared on Facebook, that look like they may be ones to pass on. There will be suggestions on everyday secrets that may not be well known. At times I will post funny things just for a laugh to lighten up what could be a bad day for some people. other times I may post something very thought provoking to make people stop and think about things that are happening to other people.

For an example, Tripp Halstead. A precious little boy that was at his day care, the day after his second birthday, and was struck by a huge limb, in the play yard, and was hit in the head. He almost died. Just go to the Tripp Halstead category and read all that I have posted. In other words, I try to post things that are interesting, and will keep the website fresh with many different topics.

I will also talk about different disability issues,and situations that disabled people have to face everyday. I will not only talk about the situation at hand, but also possible solutions to the situation. As a disabled person in a wheel chair, I will also talk about my feelings as to how friends and complete strangers treat me.

There will be times I may talk about situations that I have witnessed and how the person, as well as bystanders, reacted to it. This will point out where the different people think the blame should be placed, and how you, as the readers feel about the situation, and ask for comments that state your feelings.

My goal in talking about different medical conditions is to let anybody that may have the same or similar condition, know that they are not alone. Sometimes, just knowing that you are not alone gives you the needed strength to get through the situation. Also knowing how the other person handled the situation to get through it just may give you some pointers as to how you might get through it better.

One of my talents is recycling different things in many ways. as well as putting different things together in a way that could be very interesting and helpful. Some of these recycling projects I will put on videos, so that the readers will be able to see how the project is done. These will be DIY videos that may interest young college students that don’t have a lot of money to spend on  their dorm rooms or their apartments.

Last but not least, I am going to go back in time and discuss just how things used to be  ……. and I will fill in the blank with whatever topic I want to discuss at that particular time. Some examples will be on how I used to dress and what the proper etiquette was at that time. I will also talk about the language that was used then and also have comparisons between TV, radio, and other types of media at that time and the current day. I guess you could call it a history lesson.

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Thank you for taking time to read this about page and have a  blessed day..