Being Alone At CHRISTMAS

Christmas is supposed to be a very joyful time of year. People seem to be a lot more friendly and giving toward those that don’t have a lot in this world. Different organizations try to do for families that will have a bleak Christmas if any Christmas at all, Many of these organizations concentrate on the children. When bad things have happened in a family, a lot of times the children feel responsible for it, even though it was not their fault. If only for a little while, when the organizations come with food for the whole family and gifts and toys for the children, they can forget about the bad things going on. With their new toys, they can just be what they are, children.

This post is aimed at people sixteen years or older, as younger children would not be able to do the things that I suggest here. If younger children tried to do this and failed, then it would make them feel even worse. My aim is not to make anybody feel worse, it is to help people feel better and be happy during the Christmas Holidays.

After children that have been abused grow up, many of them have a big problem with the holidays. Holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day, are all times to show others that they are loved, and usually people are nicer at these times also. If this grown-up happens to live alone, then they tend to be “forgotten” by their family and friends. This fact is especially true if they live in a different state. I know this from experience. If the grown ups happen to be where there are children, then they can share in the happiness that the children have when the gifts and food comes. But if the grown-ups are alone, then it is up to them to make their own happiness.

One good way to make your own happiness is to do for others. This does not have to involve much money at all. If there are senior adults, just something as simple as a visit will cheer them up and in cheering them up you can’t help but to be cheered up yourself. Ladies that do a lot of baking could spread a lot of happiness with just one batch of cookies. One batch of cookies usually makes around four to six dozen cookies, depending on how big the cookies are. Maybe, just because it’s Christmas, sugar cookies can be made using different shaped cookie cutters to cut out the cookies and then decorating them really festively. By taking only a dozen to each person, four to six people can have a happier Christmas. This will have been possible just by baking one batch of cookies. Wouldn’t that cheer you up, to know that you made some lonely person happy just by showing a little caring for them.

Let’s say you contacted a nursing home and found out how many residents never have any visitors. Let’s say that there are twelve people that never have any visitors. Chances are they would be ecstatic to have a visitor during the Christmas season. This would take your time and some gas in the car to get there. But there would be twelve people that you absolutely made their day and it only costs a little bit of gas and some of your time. To think that you made twelve people so happy could not help but to make you happy too. If it didn’t make you happy, then somebody needs to visit you. There is no way that I would not be happy if I had just made twelve different people individually happy. Just think about it.


Christ was born on this special day.

Hearts were filled in an awesome way.

Radiance from around Him beamed.

Inspired Wise Men, Prophets, and Kings.

Shepherds were led to Him that night.

That they too might gaze upon this sight.

Many were the gifts to him.

Angels sang their special hymns.

Spectacular His life to begin.

Christmas is the time of year,

When hearts are filled with love and good cheer.

But it really shouldn’t be this way.

For this should be how it is everyday.

Why should this time only, bring such a change,

That at this time, our lives, we rearrange.

Why can’t we keep this attitude,

Of genuine love and heartfelt gratitude?

How much better and brighter the world would be,

If all acted upon this when this fact they did see!

Love In Christ,

Amanda Joy

November 28, 1988