Another Copper Bottom Pan Solution

The pictures did not come with this post. I got them from Google. I did not take the pictures, nor do I know did. I do not know who wrote this post either. I did not write it. I just thought that it was informative enough to copy and paste so that it could be shared with more readers. This hack is like many other hacks that are discovered quite by accident. It is amazing how this one happened. Read on to find out just how this hack came to be.



Well, tonight, I discovered, quite by mistake, another way to shine the bottom of the copper bottom pans.

copper-bottom-pot - dirtycopper-bottom-pan - clean

I had finished my supper of tomato soup and grill cheese sandwiches, and stacked the dishes to start washing them. On one of the plates where there had been a bowl of soup and a sandwich, some of the soup had spilled. Thinking nothing of it, I put the copper bottom pan on the plate and continued to stack the rest of the dishes. One of my habits is to wash the glasses first, and then to wash the plates. Glasses having been washed, I then started to put the dishes into the dishpan. When I picked the pan up, I realized that there was tomato soup on the bottom of it. Not wishing to stain the counter top, I rinsed the tomato soup off of the pan. When it was gone, I noticed that where the soup had been, the bottom of the pan was as shinny as when I used the lemon slices and salt to clean it. Thinking it surely was just something I thought I saw, I proceeded to put more soup on a different area of the pan, and left it for about 5 – 10 minutes before rinsing it off. After rinsing it off, that spot was clean also. It was time to clean the bottom of the pan anyway, so I used the lemon and salt to clean the rest of the pan. After finishing with the lemon and salt, I cleaned it with the SOS like I always do.

Just thought you might like to know what I discovered by mistake tonight. Hope it helps you also, if you choose to use it.