Birthday Organizer – A Make It Yourself Project

The pictures below did not come with this post. I got them off of Google. The sign seems to be similar to what is in the post, except you use round key tag blanks instead of the ribbons with clothespins. The pictures are just to give you an idea of what I think the organizer might look like. The hack is not mine, nor are the pictures. I do not know who did any of them. I just thought it was a neat idea on how to keep up with birthdays. It is attractive enough to keep it hanging in a kitchen or den year round, just like it was probably intended to be. You can decorate it up almost any way that you want to. I think you could probably even use the same color scheme as is in whatever room you may choose to hang it in.



This project is easy to make, and children can also join in on the making of it.

Clothespin birthday signKey Tag round

Take a piece of poster board and make a sign that is about 18 inches long with “FAMILY Birthdays” written on it.  Next you will need to take a ruler and make 12 marks equal distance apart and write the abbreviated month names, one on each mark. After doing this you will need to punch a hole right under each month name. In stores like WalMart and KMart there is usually a key making station with all kinds of key paraphernalia besides just the key blanks. You will need to buy the little blank circles that have metal around the outside of them for as many birthdays as there are people that you want to keep track of their birthdays. These come with holes already punched in them. On the blank you will write the person’s name and birthday(using mm-dd-yyyy format on them).  After each person that you want to keep track of has a blank with their information, then get all of each month together. After you have 12 piles with the info on them, arrange them in date order or who is the oldest first. Say there are 5 birthdays with 06-25-1989, 06-25-2007, 06-25-1925, 06-25-1957, and 06-25-2000 on them.the date of 06-25-1925 will be first, second will be 06-25-1957, third will be 06-25-1989, the fourth will be 06-25-2000, and last but not least the one with 06-25-2007 on it. Do this for every month until all of the birthdays are on the sign, hanging one under the one before it. In the previous example, you would end up with five names and birthdays hanging under each other, for the month of June (Jun).

I hope you find this fun to do either by yourself and/or with your children.