Explaining The bjgallery.org Website

I have a new site coming.  My hopes are that it will be provocative so that people will have to digest what they see.  The site will consist of pictures that I will copy mostly from Facebook, but some will come from other places.  There will also be funny pictures, and some videos.

The pictures will not be risque or anything like that.  But some will really move a person.  Some you will laugh at. Then there will be some that will almost make you cry.  And it goes without reason that there will be some that will make you angry.  But all in all it should be entertaining to look at.

   This site will mainly be pictures that make you think, and videos that are serious and then some that are just plain funny.

I hope the pictures will make you just have to think, or just make you laugh.

There will be videos also, but definitely NO PORN.

The videos will be on the same lines as the pictures.  There will be no porn, or anything like that for sure.