The times we are living in right now will obviously go down in history. As to whether it is going to end up basically positive or if it will end up being one of the worst things in our history, so far as sicknesses go, can not be stated, until it is all over and things are back to some resemblance of normal. Unfortunately, even if it ends up positive it will not matter to those who lost their jobs or even worse their lives or a family member’s life.

It’s at times like these that everybody finds out just what people are made of. Will they be there to do things to help out, will they become hermits, or will they just act like nothing is wrong and just continue doing the same things we do every day, or will they be real crazy and test out what ever they are told not to do and do it anyway.

Here I am wondering about the other guy, because the other guy could pass the disease on to me if he’s not doing what he’s been told to do. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt what I’m going to do, exactly what the President of the United States told us to do, stay in until the danger has passed, and if I must go out, use a mask that has been approved and gloves so that I wont become contaminated by other people that are not following the guidelines that have been set out for us to do.

There is no way to understand why some people will not follow instructions and guidelines set by the President. Most businesses are not supposed to be open at all, and the ones that will be allowed to be open have certain guidelines to follow. There are even some states that are not closing their borders like they were told to do.


there is no telling what it will take for these law defying Americans to wake up the the super intense danger that COVID-19 poses. It is like cancer in that it is no respecter of race, national origin, age, education or anything. But the main difference is that this kills a person so much faster than most cancers do. I know that there are some people that have died in a very short time once they were diagnosed, but most of the cancer patients do get to see their family and usually can say their goodbyes. On the other hand this COVID-19 is so bad that the people that have it are not allowed any visitors and nobody in the family can even say their goodbyes. Why?, you might ask. Because the patients with COVID-19 are put on ventilators and are usually only in a semi conscious state. Not being able to tell a loved one goodbye on their deathbed is very traumatic for most people. I know that there have been many family members that I could not say goodbye to. I am the only one in my family that lives in the state where I live, and further more, I don’t have a car. There have been many nights that I have cried myself to sleep on account of not being able to tell my loved ones goodbye.

This disease is so wicked that even new born babies from just a few days old(I think I read about one that was only 3 days old) to a few weeks or a few months old have been stricken by it and passed away without even being with their parents, and the parents did not get to even hold the baby and hug it and say goodbye in some cases.

You would think that teenagers would be mature enough to stay inside until the quarantine is over. But there are actually some rebellious teens that think they are invincible and are going out and doing such things as licking door handles and even licking public toilets. How stupid can they get? I don’t really want to know. and then there are those that will not stay in their own state and insist on crossing the borders. They don’t care if it’s against the law right now. Unfortunately one of the teenage boys that licked a public toilet died a few days later, if what I heard and read was true. Can you imagine how his parents feel. He’s gone just because he challenged authority.

From what I have been reading and hearing, we haven’t even scratched the surface as to how bad it may get if the scientists and doctors don’t find an anecdote or antibody, pretty soon, that will kill it. the worst part is how many of the heroes are getting it and dying because they are trying to treat and cure the ones that are sick. They are getting burned out from exhaustion and watching so many of the patients pass away. I wish that the police could arrest all of the ones that are going up and coughing and spitting in other peoples faces, like the elderly couple a few days ago. And if that wasn’t bad enough they are beating innocent people up for no reason. This is all so depressing.

Unfortunately, since I am one of the elderly with numerous medical problems I could very easily catch it and die. But at least I know that if I do, it’s not because I didn’t pay attention to the quarantine, because I am paying attention to it as close to the letter as I can.

With all that’s going on with the rebellious teenagers and not being able to purchase the protective masks and gloves, because there are virtually none to be found anyplace. I do clean my hands many many times a day though. I will do it as long as the hand sanitizer lasts anyway.

If you are one of the ones that is going against everything that is being done to try to help you to not get sick, please turn yourself around and start doing what you are supposed to do. There are enough people dying worldwide that there don’t need to be ones that are dying because of their own stupidity.

I’m going to end this with a prayer. Dearest Heavenly Father, I am asking You to put out Your loving arms and comfort those of us that just can’t seem to have any peace about doing the right thing even. I can’t believe the young people that are going so wild. Just please be with us though all of this. Every time I cough, I get scared even though I know that I have been doing the things I should be doing not to get the COVID-19. These are just really scary times. My biggest prayer is that this will bring more people closer to You and Your everlasting love. Please be with my Goddaughter, as she is on the front lines in Norfolk Virginia. Be with our leaders and our heroes that are working so hard to keep as many of us safe as is possible. And if it is possible, please bring those rebellious young people to their senses. Thank You for all that you do for us each and every day. For without you we could not even breathe. Thank You for sending Your only Son to die for us and pay for our sins on the cross. Help me to be the kind of person that just to look at me people will know that I am one of Your children, and nothing can pluck me out of Your loving Hands. In Jesus Holy name I pray for a hedge of protection around my family and friends. AMEN!!!!!




Parents Aren’t The Only Ones

This was on Kelly Bagnasco in my Facebook. This doesn’t only go for parents. This can also go for brothers, sisters, and aunts and uncles. I can’t help but to wonder why aunts and uncles never get mentioned whenever there is anything to do with children. It’s always the parents and grandparents that are thought about. Aunts and uncles are capable of having and giving love to their nieces and nephews the same as parents are of giving it to their children and grandparents are of giving it to their grandchildren. So why are aunts and uncles always left out. It just hurts. This is especially true if they wanted children really badly but were never able to have them. Watching everybody else having fun with the children just punches it home all the harder. And yes I am one of those people that was never able to have children bur wanted them more than anybody could know. Even though I am 65, it still hurts to this day that I was never able to have children.

Just think about that the next time everybody that has children gets together and leaves the childless members of the family out. Just because we don’t have children doesn’t mean that we are not capable of loving children and wanting to be around them.

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A Post About Bad Choices

When you hear life is short some may say yep it is and go on doing what you do. Today I was at the location of a wreck right after it happened. I saw the truck in the ditch, I saw hero’s from fireman, EMS, police, bystanders try to help get the driver out of the truck only to realize a woman was also in the truck. He (driver)made the choice to drink and drive. She made the choice to get in the truck. The life of everyone is changed forever! His for drinking and driving. Hers because she didn’t survive. Mine because I saw her laying there knowing she was a daughter and maybe a mother or grandmother. And her life was gone in a second! To have your life taken away by a choice.. I hear people talk about all the gun laws what about ALL the driving loop holes allowing people to have multiple DWI or driving with out a license , texting or SPEEDING!! Passing with double yellow lines!! How many lives have been killed from stupid car wrecks and choice people make driving??? Shame we all can’t make citizens arrests.. drive safe my friends and watch out for the crazy drivers!!


One of my cousins posted this on Facebook Thursday. When I read it, I really felt bad for the lady that lost her life in the accident. Immediately after feeling bad for her, I thought “Just like I have heard for many years, the drunk driver that causes the accident that kills another person doesn’t usually die in the accident, even though they may get hurt.”

Why is it that our laws are so lenient to drunk drivers? Sometimes I think that it’s because the ones that pass the laws are drinkers too. If they make the laws too stringent, then they wouldn’t be able to drink. I guess for some people being able to take that drink or those multiple drinks is more important than life itself.

I’m pretty sure that drinkers would think twice if it was a law that whenever you go to a bar or a party and drink, you have to surrender your keys upon entering the establishment, or if you are at a friend’s house, you be set to spend the night if you get drunk. I can’t imagine any friend not wanting to let their friend stay the night. They would rather have you sleep on their floor that to drive home and possibly have a wreck and kill someone. I know I sure would.

Next time before you take that drink, or let a friend take a drink, make sure someone other that the drinker will be driving, or that they can stay at whatever place where they are when they take that drink. A little bit of precaution is worth a whole lot of peace of mind that nobody is going to get hurt or even killed because someone you know had too much to drink.


Technology Is Wonderful as witnessed by me

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about the advances in technology, that I am aware of, in my lifetime, and how they have helped me. Having been born in the early 1950s, I have experienced many of the changes first hand. I will obtain as many pictures as possible from Google on the internet to show the items that I am talking about.

In the 1950s there was no such thing as “color TV” and there were only 3 channels in addition to PBS. The televisions were console models and had tubes in them that would burn out and have to be replaced.

Antique B&W Television tubes-inside-old-tv

Music was recorded on vinyl discs and played on phonographs. Many times the phonographs were also in a cabinet that resembled a low table and it also had a radio in it. There are some sample pictures below of both the records and the cabinets they phonographs were in.

record-player-with-tall-spindle Ventures_78rpm record

Home movies were on reels and had to be shown on machines that had attachments for the reels. It was also necessary to use a big screen to show them on.


Regular pictures were taken on cameras that needed flash bulbs to get good pictures, and the film came in rolls that had to be threaded into the camera. The camera had to be wound after each picture. They used flash bulbs that had to be thrown away after just one use. Then came cameras that used film cartridges that did not have to be wound up after each picture and flash cubes that could be used to take four pictures before the cube had to be thrown away. After that came cameras that were automatic wind and flash, but you still had to use film cartridges. Finally came digital cameras with built in light sensors and cell phones that could also take and store pictures. The digital cameras and cell phones use SD cards for storage of the pictures.

brownie-fiesta-camera-outfit cartridge-camera-with-flash-cubes


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA cell-phone-camera

When I was growing up, we had a wringer washer to wash our clothes. It did not automatically cycle through a rinse cycle and then spin the clothes so they could be put in a dryer. The machine had to be emptied each time a different cycle was necessary, and that meant that all of the clothes had to be put through the wringer, one by one, to get the excess water out of them. We didn’t have automatic dryers, and the apartment that we lived in had pulley clothes lines, to hang the clothes on to dry outside. I found some internet pictures that are shown below.

wringer-washer using-wringer-washer pulley-clothesline

There was no such thing as a cell phone when I was growing up. All phones were wired into the wall, and most people even had what was called a “Party Line”, which meant anywhere from three to five different households had the same phone number. If there was someone else on the line and you needed to make an important call, you had to break in on the conversation and ask if they would mind hanging up the phone so that you could make the phone call. You were at the other person’s mercy as to whether or not they would end their call and let you use the phone. It was possible to have a private line, but they cost extra. You had to dial the number using a round dial with holes in it and the numbers were on the solid base of the phone. You would put your finger into whichever hole had the number you needed under it and then turn the dial clockwise until you hit the little stop piece.


Touch tone phones did not come until after I was a teenager.


Cell phones didn’t come until after I was an adult. There are flip phones too.

cell-phone-evolution flip-phone

For people in manual wheel chairs, the invention of power wheel chairs was about the best invention in their lives. The accessibility, to most people with insurance, made it possible for people that could not afford them on their own to be able to own a power chair. It was almost unbelievable to people with any type of paralysis. They were able to get around with a power chair, when they could not do so with a manual chair, unless someone was willing to push them. Even quadriplegics were able to get around, with the aid of a blow tube to control the chair.



These are all really great inventions, but computers have to be the biggest change in all of the wonderful changes that I have seen and had a chance to use and own. To think that back in 1970, when I was in college for computer programming, I had to actually punch cards, stack them, and then verify them before I could run them to see if my program would work. First picture is of a man punching the cards. Second picture shows cards in the keypunch machine. Third picture shows stacking cards to put them in the machine that would verify them, the verifying machine is in the fourth picture.

punching-cards punch-card-in-machine stacking-cards-to-verify punch-card-verifier

There was no such thing as a motherboard. There were physical boards, that had to be wired by hand, one wire at a time. These boards are what told the computer what to do. They were the fore runners to plug in modules, since there were no such things as modules


Only businesses and very rich people had computers. The computer and all of its’ components could take up any where from one room to whole buildings. There were raised floors, so that cooling equipment could be installed under them. The temperature had to be kept between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit in the rooms where the massive computers were set up.

Businesses had to be connected to their main computers by modems with internal dial-up routers.


The businesses had actual floppy discs that were 8 inches square, or 5 and 1/4 inches square. The users had to be careful not to bend them, or the information that they contained would be corrupted. Then came the 3 and 1/2 inch square floppy discs that were actually hard plastic.All three sizes and types were called floppy discs though, because they had a very thin floppy disc inside, that contained whatever information that you entered into the computer.


These floppy discs were the first type of storage, and later were replaced by hard drives. The hard drives were metal and had metal discs called platters inside of them. These platters spun around and as the data was entered into the computer, it was recorded on these platters. The first hard drives could only hold mega bytes and/or kilo bytes of data. It took a few years before the first Gigabyte storage capable hard drives were developed. My first Gigabyte hard drive was capable of storing 12 Gigabytes of data. When I had that installed into my computer, I thought it would last me for the rest of my life. I have since had hard drives capable of holding up to over 500 Gigabytes of data.

After the hard drives came external hard drives that could be carried and hooked up to computers in other places via a USB cable. These too were not capable of high volumes of data at first. Now internal hard drives and external hard drives are capable of holding Terabytes of data, and are also available in Solid State Drive form. A Solid State Drive is one that has no internal parts that move. Below are three hard drives. The one on the left is an internal hard drive, the one in the middle is a laptop hard drive, and the one on the left is a solid state hard drive. The solid state hard drive is the same size as the laptop hard drive is. Since the solid state hard drive has no moving parts, it will last indefinitely.

hard-disk laptop-hard-drive solid-state-drive

Below is a comparison of a regular hard drive and a solid state drive.


.The actual computer was in a very large metal case with the workings inside of it. These were called desk top computers, and came in various sizes. With the desktop computer it was necessary to use a separate monitor, keyboard and mouse. Some of the computers were able to be put flat and the monitor was placed on top of it, but most of them stood beside the monitor. See pictures below.

The monitors of the older computers used cathode ray tube (CRT) technology, and were separate from the computer. These first monitors were very bulky and heavy. They didn’t get moved very much. The CRT monitors were deep from front to back.

The next type of screen to come on board was the liquid crystal display (LCD). This type of screen had a sharper picture than the CRT, and was not as big and bulky. It was no where near as deep from front to back as the CRT, and was much easier to move from one area to another.


After the LCD type of screen came the light emitting diode (LED) type of screen. These had an even sharper screen. They were very skinny from front to back when compared to the CRT, and even a bit smaller from front to back than the LCD screens were. Both the LCD and the LED screens were available in many different dimensions when compared the the CRT screens.


After the LED screen cam the plasma display screen, and was the most vibrant of all of the screens before it. It was available in even bigger sizes, while still being very sleek. These screens even had High Definition (HD) capabilities.


The most modern screens have touch screen technology built into them, as shown below.


The computers continued to be improved and made smaller and easier to be carried around. These came to be known as Laptop computers, and even smaller ones are called tablets. The tablets are more for watching movies ans playing games though, than for actually being used as computers. They usually didn’t have keyboards with them and therefore were not practical for business use. Now, however there are tablets that have magnetic keyboards that may be connected to them, so they may be used as regular laptops.A regular laptop is shown on the left, and a tablet with a magnetic keyboard is shown on the right.

laptop-computer tablet-with-keyboard

The first computer that I had was one that friends gave to me. It was a standup desktop with a CRT screen, keyboard and regular mouse. I later had a computer built to my specifications that also had a CRT, but it was a 17 inch screen. I had a keyboard and a regular mouse.

Today my mouse is an optical mouse. Even though I have a laptop that has a mouse pad and a keyboard contained in it, I like using an external mouse and an external keyboard. I am a senior citizen, and it is just easier for me to use the external devices.

The portability of a laptop is great. When I take the laptop anyplace, all I take is the external mouse, and use the keyboard that is made into the laptop.

When I think of all the technological changes that have happened in my lifetime, I am all but overwhelmed. It is simply amazing to see how far technology has come. Children of today, and even many adults will never know what having vinyl records playing on a record player was like. Nor will they know what a hardwired house phone ( more commonly called a land line) was like. They will never have known black and white TV, VHS movies, cassette tapes and eight tracks, cameras with flash bulbs and film that had to be wound after each picture. With being able to make videos on cell phones, they won’t know what home movies and home movie projectors are all about. By the same token they will not know what having negatives to pictures is all about since they can take and store pictures on their cell phones and upload them to the cloud. With mp3 players they don’t have to have walk men for the CD, and DVDs have evolved to Blue Ray and now even 4k, I think they are called. The x-box is going away to a degree, since most games can now be purchased and played on PCs and/or laptops.

Even though some of the advances are hard to get used to at first, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Technology is wonderful, and change will never stop happening. When you stop wanting to learn new things, you stop living to a degree. I am very thankful for the changes that I have come to depend on each and every day. There is no way that I can single out how they have helped me and which one is better than another. But if I had to pick just one, I would have to pick the phone first. And if by chance I could pick two things, I would have to pick the laptop next.

I Cannot Believe This Has Happened In America

Sometimes I come across a post that is too important for me to change any of it. This is such a post. Please read it and make your own decision. I am saddened by what has happened in our great country of America, where everybody is promised a chance at an education if they so choose, or their parents choose for them if they are too young to make the choice. I copied the whole thing word for word.
Kelley Rhodes

February 7 at 9:29pm · Chesapeake, VA ·

Someone posted this in a group, and I think it’s too important not to share. Of course, it’s anecdotal, and it’s just one opinion, but it’s just one great example of why many are upset and bewildered about today’s education news.

The Senate Republicans and Vice President Pence have spoken today and I heard their message loud and clear; my child’s education is not important and my heart is broken.

Meet my daughter Alice, who at 3 years old was accepted into a state funded special needs preschool on Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Her acceptance into this school has meant so many things to us; she learned how to be a peer, she learned how to cope with the stresses of school, and most importantly, she learned how to learn. In Betsy DeVos’ America, these programs are wasteful spending of our taxpayer dollars.

In Betsy DeVos’ America, the IDEA Laws that now governor her IEP in the 1st Grade are useless because she does not believe children with special needs deserve or have a right to public education.

My heart is broken for every child who is going to have to go without under Betsy DeVos.

My heart is broken for every child who is going to lose their aid and support team under Betsy DeVos.

My heart is broken for every child who’s education isn’t a priority to Betsy DeVos.

My heart is broken for my daughter, because the Senate Republicans and VP Pence spoke today, and they have declared unequivocally that her right to an education is not as important as her sister’s.

Education is not a partisan issue—it is an issue that effects every child of every color and every ethnicity and every political side. But Senate Republicans and VP Pence have decided that our kids don’t matter, MY Alice doesn’t matter.

The fight has just begun, and I know that it is so hard, but please, please don’t forget these children. Don’t forget about Alice and those like her who can’t fight for themselves; they need us, ALL of us to get through these next 4 years.

This picture was taken when Alice was 3 years old as she waited to go to class. Autism has many faces and hers is one of them.


Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and shoes
Kerri Beth
Kerri Beth I just keep praying….
Diane Spattifor Allen
Diane Spattifor Allen I certainly hope that children with disabilities continue to receive and have access to public education. We can’t return to the past!!
Ashleigh Kastner
Ashleigh Kastner I hate to sound super ignorant and uninformed, but all I can find are biased media reports that differ greatly from each side. Is there a link of actual facts that anyone knows of that I can read her plans on education?
Ashleigh Kastner replied · 2 Replies
Elisa Willoughby
Elisa Willoughby We had a meeting with Logan’s teacher today. He’s excelling in every area except reading, where he is at a level 4 when he’s “supposed” to be at a level 12 right now. He makes strides and seems to master something, then back slides for no apparent reasSee More
Jennie Hott
Jennie Hott Is this an actual fact? I find it hard to believe because this would be discrimination. Is there a link to back up this?
Brandi Jackson Stiff
Brandi Jackson Stiff Having Jack, I researched her. Unfortunately she really bungled her interview with Senator Kaine. That said, I don’t think SPED kids are the ones that should be worried. We selected our house based on schools for Jack. I know there are lots of familiesSee More
Kelley Rhodes
Bonnie Jean Hern
Bonnie Jean Hern Oh my dear God please be with all of the special needs children that are going to be left out because of this uneducated woman that is now in the office of controlling our children’s education and she is not even qualified to do so. She herself does not have the education necessary to make these decisions. Please dear gracious God do not let our children suffer beyond which they cannot recover after this woman can no longer make decisions on what type of education they should have. I guess she wants our children to be as ill prepared for life as she is for the job that she has been entrusted. Only time will tell how much damage this woman is going to do to our children, who will be our leaders of tomorrow, because of her own lack of education.

Great Words Of Advice From Posters I Have Seen

Posters like the ones below really make me stop and think. I thought you might like to read them too. I am adding what I feel about each of them. Most of them came from Facebook.

The first one is really sound advice. We need to be able to accept what is going on at the current time, even if we don’t like it. We have the right to try to change it if we have the power to, but if we don’t have the power to change it, we shouldn’t beat our self up about it. And last but not least, we need to have faith in what will be by having faith in what ever it is that gives us peace. Without faith in something we find it hard to be happy about anything.

Accept - Let Go - Have Faith

If we take the first poster of words of advice and expound a little further on it, we would possibly come up with the next poster. Having serenity is being able to accept something in a peaceful way, there go the “accept what is” part of the first poster. In letting go of what was, we are coming to terms with what has happened, and not letting it bother us.  However, we need to have the courage to change whatever we can. We definitely need wisdom to know if we can or cannot change something that has happened, and act on that wisdom. If we can do that, we have a great chance of being happy.


It’s really sad that someone even had to consider writing this poster. But sadly most younger people today don’t have respect, for others, for authority, or for other’s property. I was born in the early 50’s and was taught respect from the time I started talking and walking. My Mother taught my brothers, my sister, and me how to show respect. We were taught to say the following things to our elders:  “Please”,  “Thank You”, “No Thank You, but Thank You for asking.”, “Yes Mam”, “No Mam”, “Yes Sir”, “No Sir”, and if there was an elderly or physically disabled person getting on the bus or coming into a room and there were no seats, then we were taught to ask “Would you like this seat?” and then to get up and give the person our seat.

Unfortunately, respect and good manners went out the door around the 70’s. How can we expect the children of today to know anything about respect and manners when they weren’t even taught anything about it by their parents. This is because, their parents probably were not taught about respect and manners either.

With the passing of Roe vs Wade allowing abortion, no fault divorce, and Madeline O’Hare having anything anywhere about any religion being taken out of everything, our once great nation, founded on freedom of religion, began its rapid decline to what it is today.

There are so many one parent households, where the one parent has to work almost non stop, just to make ends meat. And many of these households can’t make ends meet. They don’t have time to show their children love, or to teach their children what they need to know to be respectable and well rounded adults. Many of these children don’t even know how to keep a clean house, how to wash clothes properly, how to wash dishes so that there isn’t any food on them, how to cook, not really anything about living out on their own. It’s really sad.

I am so glad that I was born when I was, and didn’t have to grow up in these very trying times. My greatest hope is that the young people of today will be able to find an older adult that they trust and be able to ask them about the things that their parent or parents didn’t teach them.

A Sign Of Respect

The last poster just gives us older folks something to think about, and at the same time laugh at, because chances that many of these apply to us. I especially like numbers 5, 6, 9, and 10.

As I Get Older


Home Builders – Accessible Homes – Appliance Designers

In my opinion, all architectural companies need to have a wheelchair bound person working for them, This person is essential for them to be able to make sure that there are at least some already built houses that are accessible. Why should a disabled person have to be put in a nursing home because they or their family is unable to afford to buy land and have an accessible home built? Why can’t it be a requirement that every new subdivision have a certain number of accessible houses that have to be built. This means accessible bathrooms with roll in showers and grab bars all around the shower and the toilet area as well as sinks at a correct height for a chair to fit underneath them. The kitchens need to have the appliances low enough for the disabled person to use them, as well as the sink being lower and having a spray hose on the faucet, cabinets and countertops need to be lower and have open space for the wheelchair at the bottom. There needs to be an automatic dishwasher. The laundry room and washer and dryer need to be accessible as well.

The washer and dryer need to have doors that open in the front with controls that are accessible from the front as well. Appliance companies need to take the wheelchair bound person into consideration when designing their appliances. Don’t get me wrong, but I just think that there needs to be accessible options for those that need them. I know that not all people are disabled, but there are many that are, and more and more becoming that way everyday.

Our population is living longer and longer with the advancements in medicine that we have today. They are also able to stay in their own homes longer for the same reason. Many medical machines that used to be available only in medical facilities as in patient recipients are available for home use today. This helps to alleviate the need for away from home admissions and treatments. There are numerous home health agencies that offer a wide variety of medical service in the home. These services can range from simple activities of daily living (ADL’s as they are commonly called), such as bathing and dressing the person to light housekeeping like doing dishes and laundry, on up to advanced skilled nursing care that may include IV’s, and wound care to doing medical treatments with machines that are now accessible for such home usage.

All of the things mentioned above need to be taken into consideration when building accessible homes. In addition, these homes also need to have wider doors to be able to accommodate hospital beds and therapy equipment. They need to have a higher power availability. There may be  many different machines that are necessary, for the disabled person’s care, that will need the extra power. Along with needing more power availability, of necessity, there will have to be more power outlets to plug these machines into. No matter how many surge protectors you may have, there is a limit as to how much power is available for the house as a whole to be able to consume. Once this limit is reached spontaneous combustion may result if there is even a small spark of any kind.

In doing this post, I don’t mean to sound like all doom and gloom, I am only trying to point out as many extra accommodations that a disabled person may need as I can think of. There would be nothing worse than moving into what a person thinks is an accessible home only to find out there is not enough power to operate the necessary machines, there are not enough outlets in the room to plug in all the necessary machines, and the doors are not wide enough to allow for a hospital be to be moved into the bedroom and therefore it has to be set up in the living room or the dining room. For a person to think that they have found the perfect accessible house, only to find out that these things are not accessible, would almost make someone want to just sit down and cry.

I know many of these things because I am disabled myself. Granted I do not need extra power to my apartment, but I could stand to have some more outlets for my hospital bed, my nebulizer, my CPAP machine, the CD player, my clock and my fans, a nite lite, a lamp, to charge my cell phone, and of course for my TV, along with it’s additional machines, such as the DVD/VCR player, and the converter box. I do have surge protectors for these machines, and unplug them whenever a bad storm hits so that there is no way that lightning can strike them if they are unplugged.

At this time, I cannot think of anything else that needs to be included. If by chance I do think of anything else, I will update the post and make a special note of the updates.


Children’s Hospital vs Non American Citizen Being Offended

It is in my opinion, but I don’t think that any Non American Citizen has a right to DEMAND that anything that OFFENDS THEM has to be removed from any place in America. If you are a Non American Citizen in America and something is offensive to you, just deal with it. You have no right to come to a foreign country and demand that anything be removed from that country simply because it OFFENDS you. By the same token, I have no right to go to your country and DEMAND that something that OFFENDS me be removed from your country. You are not being chained to anything here and you have the ability to leave at any time that you please. So please leave. I TAKE OFFENSE at you DEMANDING that something be removed simply because it OFFENDS YOU.

Now for the story behind the above introduction. A Non American Citizen is in  America to obtain medical treatment for her child from one of our children’s hospitals. She is offended by the cute little pictures of animals on the walls of the children’s hospital here in America. She sued to have all the pictures removed and sued for damages to the psychological well being of her child for having had to see such pictures. You may be asking what the heck kind of picture are we talking about here. The picture is of a giraffe on a train going down the train tracks. Chances are, since the pictures are in a children’s hospital, that the animals have people clothes on them and this person does not want her child to see such a picture. This is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard in my life. Even worse is that the woman sued and won. She was awarded ONE POINT FIVE MILLION DOLLARS for the supposed psychological damage to her child. Now all of the pictures of the cute little animals have to be removed, and hundreds of thousands of children that are sick and or in pain are no longer going to be able to enjoy all of the cute pictures. Why is the psychological well being of this NON AMERICAN CITIZEN any more important than the psychological well being of the hundreds of thousands of AMERICAN CITIZENS?

America is bending over backwards to accommodate the ” I am offended by” movement of NON AMERICAN CITIZENS and punishing the AMERICAN CITIZENS on account of it. WHERE IS THE JUSTICE FOR THE AMERICAN CITIZENS BEHIND ALL OF THIS? Why should so many MILLIONS of AMERICAN CITIZENS have to suffer for people that are not even supposed to be here, being offended by anything that is in America? How do these people have any RIGHTS at all. They are not citizens and don’t even belong here.

AMERICA NEEDS TO WAKE UP AND STOP BENDING OVER BACKWARDS TO APPEASE THESE PEOPLE WHEN THEY DO NOT EVEN BELONG HERE. We are giving our beautiful country away piece by piece every time that something that is offensive to people that don’t even belong here gets taken away from the people that do belong here. BEFORE WE EVEN KNOW IT AMERICA WILL BE NO MORE!!!!! Wake up America and take action an do something about this while there is still time.

I hate to think about our children now being deprived of these cute little animal pictures simple because ONE STUPID NON AMERICAN CITIZEN WAS OFFENDED BY THEM. Chances are that her child was not even old enough to do anything except for to smile at all of the bright colors and the child smiling is what offended her.


But wait, I guess I am the stupid one here. I forgot that any lawyer will take any case if there is enough money in it whether or not they win. THIS ONE FALLS ON THE JUDGE. THE JUDGE IS SUPPOSED TO ADMINISTER JUSTICE. AND HOW IS THIS JUSTICE TO ALL OF THOSE INNOCENT CHILDREN? THERE ISN’T ANY JUSTICE FOR THEM.

Think about it and let me know what you think in the comments. I read all comments that are in english (since english is all that I know), and that are not spam. Depending on the comments, there may or may not be another post on this subject. I just feel sorry for all of the children in the future that will now have to go to any of the children’s hospitals in this chain of this particular children’s hospital, and there are a lot of them. My heart goes out to all of them. I know that smiling and laughter helps in any medical situation because of the endorphins that are released. The endorphins are a natural medication that our own body makes.


She’s A Tumbler, Aerialist, And Basketball Player, And That’s Just The Beginning – She Has No Legs

Jennifer Bricker was born without legs, and her biological parents gave her up for adoption because they couldn’t bring themselves to raise her. That was when she was adopted by Sharon and Gerald Bricker, who decided that they would raise her as they raised all their other children. They always told her that the one word she wasn’t allowed to say was “can’t.” Clearly, it had a huge impact on her life. She learned how to play just about every sport you can imagine, and even became her state’s best tumbler (in gymnastics), by high school.
What’s even more surprising is that she found out an incredible secret about her birth family when she was 16 years old. It is perhaps the most incredible coincidence I have ever heard of, and it’s sure to blow you away too.

I have posted this to point out that there is always someone worse off than you. But just once in a lifetime this person will amaze you with their abilities. It just goes to show that there is always hope! You just have to want to succeed bad enough. The best word to use is “Persevere”. That’s the key to making it. I just hope this video and post has inspired you as much as it did me.

How We Treat Each Other

There is something that has become very clear to me in the last week or so. EVERYBODY needs to really dig deep and think about how they treat other people and how other people treat them. One very important thing that I was taught from the time I could talk is that we are to treat each other with respect and kindness. If we want to be treated well, then we have to treat others well.

Christians will recognize this as a paraphrase of “The Golden Rule.”  I went to Google and searched “The Golden Rule” and where in the Bible it is found. Here is the copy and paste of exactly what Google had to say in one of their “answers” (so call them, I put the name in red and the actual rule in green, they had both been in regular color type.)

  •   -Matthew 7:12 ESV The Golden Rule – “So whatever you …


    The Golden Rule“So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.”

    The ESV beside Matthew 7:12 stands for English Standard Version of translation or intrepretation of the Bible.
    Even though this is called “The Golden Rule”, it is really just common sense. If you want to be treated nicely, then you have to treat others nicely. It seems today that there are very few people that abide by this logic. 
    When a person goes around bullying everybody else, and people jump to do whatever that bully tells them to do, it isn’t because that person respects the bully. It is because the person is scared of how the bully is going to hurt them if they don’t do whatever the bully says for them to do. They are intimidated by the bully. Obviously the bully either does not know the rule, or if he/she does know the rule they choose not to abide by it.
    All my life, I have tried to abide by that rule. However, if and whenever someone has tried to bully me or cuss me out (at least since I started living alone back in 1983), I have let them have it back. I am not proud of my actions, but I was just tired of being walked all over, because I kept treating others nicely no matter how badly they treated me. As it turns out, I have only hurt myself. In that time I have become a judgmental, critical – always finding fault with certain other people, foul language using, and bitter person. The longer I keep going like that, the worse I am getting.
    One of the worse things for me to handle is other people being or having “double standards”, meaning they can do something, but if I do the same thing I get screamed at and called all kinds of names. Unfortunately when this happens, I immediately come back just as foul mouth and mean acting as the other person is. And of course this does not help to end the problem, it just escalates it. The other people tell me that they are shocked at me using such bad language at my old age. I am told that it doesn’t sound nice for an older person to talk like that. I just come back at them and tell them that it isn’t good for a younger person to talk like that either, especially to an older person. I was taught to respect my elders, and cussing at them surely is not respecting them. Finally the confrontation ends, apologies are made and things go back to normal, with both sides being depleted of energy from it.
    In counseling, my therapist has always told me that it is not the other person that makes me upset, it is me that makes myself upset. For some reason, that never clicked until the last two days. Every time he kept telling me it is not the other person’s actions, but my “REACTIONS” to their actions. The reason I get upset is because of my “fly off the handle” way of taking care of the issue. It never helps to solve anything, other than make me more and more upset. I have pondered it a lot in these last two days, and realize that if I keep my cool, then the other person cannot stay upset but for so long. It is hard to argue when the one you are arguing with is not arguing back. Think about it. Take being sad for instance. If you are sad and you see something that is funny and start laughing at it, before you know it you are not sad anymore. It is virtually impossible to be sad when you are laughing.
    After thinking about the not staying sad when you are happy part, it comes to mind the “You can catch more flies with honey than with salt.” saying. When you really stop to think about that one, it couldn’t be anything but true. Flies “WILL NOT STICK TO SALT”. Flies “WILL STICK TO HONEY”. they cannot help but to stick to honey. Once it gets on the bottom of their feet, they are no longer able to fly. If they can’t fly, then you can catch them and kill them. Don’t take this the wrong way, I am not saying to kill anybody. I am just saying that if you smother them with kindness (honey) they can’t stay upset with you for too long. How can you be upset with someone that is treating you nicely? Simple, you can’t, unless you are a beast. Then there is no hope for you. But I firmly believe that there is always hope for everybody. Nobody is truly “hopeless”, especially when they have somebody pulling for them in their corner.
    There is also this thing called “unconditional love”, which basically means loving the other person, no matter what. It is not “conditional” on the other person being good or doing what you think they should be doing or how you think they should be doing it. I remember a little story that a pastor once told about a little boy that was the best behaved little boy anybody had ever seen out in public. He had good manners, was considerate of grownups, and didn’t play mean with any of the children. But for some reason, as soon as he and his parents got home from school/daycare and work every day, the little boy would turn into a little hellion. He would throw temper tantrums, throw toys, and hit his brother and sister and hide their toys. One day the Mother had had all she could take, after a particularly difficult day at work. She confronted her son and asked him, “Why is it you are the sweetest and most loving considerate little boy whenever we are away from home, but you are so bad at home? The little boy seemed to be thinking really hard on how to answer his Mother. Finally his reply was, “Well, if I can’t be bad away from home and I can’t be bad at home, where can i be bad?” The Mother was really taken aback. She thought about her son’s answer for a little while, and then she answered the boy. “I never really thought about it that way, but I guess you have to be able to show your frustration some how and some where and home is the best place to do it. Can you do me a favor though? Can you not be bad every day, or at least not as bad as what you have been being lately?” The little boy thought about it and answered his Mother by saying, “Mommy, I’ll try not to be so bad, but I have to be bad some times.” Then the little boy and his Mother gave each other a hug and the little boy went on back to playing with his siblings. What the Mother had to realize was that her son needed her unconditional love. He needed to know that his Mother would still love him even if he was bad some, but just not as bad as what he had been being. The point of the story is that, “we are all going to be bad sometime or another, but we still need to know that we are loved whether we are bad or good.” By the same token, we have to be able to love our family and friends unconditionally even when they seem to be the most unlovable!
    I have been looking for the unconditional love from my family. Not receiving it has made me a depressed and bitter person. I know that at one time I was able to give the unconditional love that I was seeking myself. The Golden Rule deal. I wanted unconditional love so I had to give unconditional love. After giving and giving so much and not receiving it back, I changed. I know that’s not how it’s supposed to be, but that’s how it ended up. Now it’s time for me to start giving that unconditional love to others again. Since I know in my heart that I was giving it before, I know that I can give it again.
    Hopefully this will help anybody that is having a hard time with love, and relationships between them and their family, and them and their friends. Please leave a comment if you have any questions, or if you just have a comment about the article. I am always open for any type of question or comment.