Explaining The bjgallery.org Website

I have a new site coming.  My hopes are that it will be provocative so that people will have to digest what they see.  The site will consist of pictures that I will copy mostly from Facebook, but some will come from other places.  There will also be funny pictures, and some videos.

The pictures will not be risque or anything like that.  But some will really move a person.  Some you will laugh at. Then there will be some that will almost make you cry.  And it goes without reason that there will be some that will make you angry.  But all in all it should be entertaining to look at.

   This site will mainly be pictures that make you think, and videos that are serious and then some that are just plain funny.

I hope the pictures will make you just have to think, or just make you laugh.

There will be videos also, but definitely NO PORN.

The videos will be on the same lines as the pictures.  There will be no porn, or anything like that for sure.

Explaining The bjpoems.com Site

Explaining The bjpoems.com Site

          B J Poems com Web Site

          The B J Poems web site was created to write various poems and to copy different things that I see elsewhere that I think are uplifting.  I want people to feel good after they read my poems and/or see the videos that I have copied to my site.  In 1969 I started writing my poetry seriously.  Before then I only wrote poems now and then to a few people.

I really do believe some of my ability came from my family lineage, as I am kin to Edgar Allan Poe.  The majority of my ability to write poetry came from God, and I thank Him every day for it.

          This site is basically full of different types of poetry from appreciative poems, to poems of encouragement, to memorial poems, and some delightful videos mixed in.

          Here is where I give back to God from the gift of poetic ability, to my ministry to other people using my gift.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t thank God for my gift.  My only hope is that my gift back to Him is truly a help and a ministry to others.

          The only way to decide if this site is a gift and a ministry is to visit it some time. You may take as long as you like, or just skim through it, whichever is your pleasure.  In other words, enjoy it at your leisure and visit as many times as you like.  More poems are added periodically.

Explaining The bjhelp.com Site


          This site was started early in 2012 for the purpose of what it’s name says, to help others.  There are various topics that would lend well for help advice and as many ways that this objective can be reached.  Personal experience is the main one that I am going to rely on, although at times I will use the experiences of others known personally to myself, as well as ones that I come across in my reading.

  The bjhelp.com web site was set up to help people in several different areas.  Some  of these areas are; miscellaneous, medical, household and kitchen.  I report on both things I have experienced, and things that I have either heard about or seen and/or read about myself.  When it is something I have experienced myself, I will even tell the name brands that I used to get the result that I am reporting on.

          In the site I have given advice on how to make an extra counter top in the kitchen, how to make a chest of drawers with individual pull out storage containers and wood, and things relating to my personal medical experiences.  There is probably something for everyone somewhere in the site if one looks hard enough for it.  But the only way to tell is by visiting the site to find out.

Explaining The bjtherapypoems.com Site

EXPLAINING  THE  bjtherapypoems.com  SITE

          As I was abused for many years, I was also in counseling for many years after the buried memories came flooding back.  This site contains poems that I wrote during that time, and afterwards.  Since my therapist knew that my poetry was my main way to get difficult situations that I needed to talk about out, he would assign me different topics to write about.  The poems on this site are the majority of those poems, as well as others that I have written since then.  I hope that maybe the poems can help others that might be going through some of the things that I went through.  If they help just one person, then my suffering will not have been in vain.

          This site contains many poems of various subjects from anger, abuse, death, suicide, and dreams and hopes, to “I Have To Resolve Within Myself”.  I was assigned many of the topics to write poems about by my therapist, as he knew that poetry was my main avenue to getting my inner feelings out.

          I am a survivor of every type of abuse up until I was 20 years old.  For another 16 years I buried all the memories until one day everything inside me exploded.  The poems are the result of an additional 20 years in and out of the hospitals to work on all of the memories.  There are still times to this day that a memory here and there will surface and throw me for a loop, but I am able to bounce back fairly quickly these days thanks to my continued poetry writing.

          Also in this site are poems about my medical problems and surgeries and hospitalizations.  Here again it is my poetry that has gotten me through with my main help coming from God.  For it is my gift from God of being able to write the poetry to begin with that has truly saved me.  I have a wonderful God!