This Judge Tells It Like It Is

This blog is intended to help as many people as possible with everyday trials and tribulations as well as other topics of interest to different age groups. I try to include blogs for young children, teens, young people, parents, grandparents, and people that live alone. from time to time, I come across articles and videos that are so poignant that I have to share them in their entirety. The following video is one of those. I came across this video on Facebook earlier today. This is aimed especially at our young people of today. Please pay attention to what the message is that this Judge is trying to convey. It can only help, it cannot hurt if you pay attention to just one thing that this Judge says. I hope that you will watch it until the end and come away with far more than just one thing that she has told these seventeen children. There are not many judges today that would take the time to do what this judge has done. Hopefully, these children will heed what she has said and change the way that they are living.


Even Young Children Can Make A Difference And Save A Life

This blog is about children saving adults and helping deliver babies. In our society today, most children are barely being tolerated. They are given electronic babysitters, so to speak, as soon as they are big enough to hold an iphone, and iPad, or a tablet. Then they are taught how to watch children’s movies on these devices, and left to their own resources. Unfortunately, that’s not the way to raise responsible adults. That’s the way to raise very selfish adults that are barely able to take care of their self, if they can even yake care of their self. And believe me, there are plenty of young adults that don’t know beans about living on their own and taking care of their self.

When I was growing up, we were taught our name, our parents name, our address, and our phone number. Believe it or not, there are some children today that don’t even know that much basic information. Now days there is almost no such a thing as a land line. the only people that have land lines are senior citizens that need the land lines to have their emergency alerts connected to them, otherwise everybody has a cell phone.

I saw an episode of a show, from back in the 90’s, called Rescue 911, where the Mother was expecting a baby any day. The Father had to work nights. They had a three year old son. They taught the son how to dial 911 and tell the operator that “my Mommy is having a baby”. That way the toddler would be able to accomplish this task of getting emergency help. They even had a phone installed in the bathroom, where he could reach it to dial 911. The toddler did have to use the phone to call 911, but not because his Mother was having a baby, but because his Mother was choking on a piece of hard candy, and had already fallen to the floor. Luckily enough the dispatcher could barely hear the Mother in the background gasping for breath. They thought that the toddler was just playing with the phone. Once they heard the Mother, they immediately sent help, but they kept the toddler on the phone until help arrived. So in essence, the toddler saved his Mother’s life.

In this blog, there is a video of a 5 year old girl that saved her Mother from drowning, in a pool, when her Mother had a seizure. There is a video of a 5 year old little girl, that saved her Dad’s life, when he was having trouble breathing. Another video is of another 5 year old, but this time it was a little boy, that saved his Father’s life when he was in a diabetic coma. And last, but not least, there is an amazing video of an 8 year old little girl helping her Mom deliver her baby brother.


A video about a 5 year old little girl that saved her drowning Mother.


A video about when Savannah’s Dad was having trouble breathing and she called 911 for them to save her Dad’s life.


A video of a 5 year old little boy who saves Dad in diabetic coma.


Here is a video of an 8 year old little girl helping her Mom deliver her baby brother.

Hopefully these videos have really impressed upon you that even young children can be very resourceful and have the capability of saving an adult. It all has to do with proper teaching and upbringing. When children are taught to have compassion and concern for other people and to know the value of other person’s life, then they will react with that same compassion and love when it comes to saving another person’s life. These are the type of children that hopefully will be the leaders of our society someday. Otherwise, I think that our society is in grave danger of demise. We are already falling down a steep hill, at a very rapid pace. Something has to change for the better, or we may no longer be a thriving society, but a society in ruins.

It Is By Giving That We Receive

A little while back I was wanting to start crocheting again so that I could make and give sets of Christmas coasters to a few of my friends. After I got out my crocheting supplies, I realized that I had forgotten how to even cast on the yarn to start crocheting. I did what most people do today when they need to find out how to do something, I Googled it!

I found a website that had a video on how to begin to crochet. I proceeded to follow the instructions in the video and it came back to me after about three or four restarts on casting the yarn on the crochet hook. I read on further in the blog that went with the video and was intrigued by the section about being a part of something bigger than crocheting for myself and gifts for friends. The article mentioned crocheting a 9 inch by 7 inch block and sending it in to be part of a blanket for a needy person that doesn’t have even a blanket. I started on the block and realized that I didn’t have a ruler to measure the 9″ x 7″ to make the block. I made a makeshift pattern by doing the measurement out on a piece of paper. I soon realized that this would not even last through crocheting one block, let alone numerous blocks. That’s when I started trying to think about what types of material I needed to make a pattern that would last. I thought about just a regular piece of paper cut to the correct size and then laminating it so that it would last. I thought about doing the same thing with thin cardboard. Then I remembered a piece of Mylar that I had saved from a reusable refrigerated bag that medicine had been delivered to me in. Just read the explanation below, and look at the pictures.

With my artificial bladder, I have to put medication in my bladder daily VIA a 60 cc syringe. The syringes are delivered to me every two weeks in a reusable refrigerator bag. The bag has a piece of Mylar in the bottom of it, as well as freezer gel bricks that are also reusable.

2015-11-22 14.44.552015-11-22 14.45.42

I have realized that the Mylar comes out of the bottom of the bag. As I crochet a few things, I decided to use some of it to make a pattern for a 9 inch by 7 inch rectangle piece for blankets. A pattern will also be made for a 6 inch square to use to measure for coasters. By using the patterns, I am assured that the blocks will all be of a uniform size. The first pattern I cut left a piece that measured 7 inches by 3 and 1/4 inches. I will find something that it can be used for I am sure.

2015-11-22 15.51.152015-11-22 17.49.44

The block that I am working on now is going to be sent to a charity organization called  Their information is as follows,  just in case you are interested in making some blocks too.

Warm Up America! Foundation
3740 N. Josey Lane, Suite 102
Carrollton, TX 75007

Tel: 972-325-7232 | Fax: 972-215-7333

When I decided that I was going to crochet some blocks and donate them, I realized something very important, that giving to others and making a difference in their lives makes a difference in my life also. As I have heard it said before, “It is in the giving to others that we too receive.” This goes on the same premise as when you smile at someone, most of the time they will smile back. And the best part is that smiles are free. They don’t cost anything to give to someone. So too are hugs free, but with hugs you have to be more cautious than with smiles.

With the winter right here upon us, in some places, it feels good to know that I am going to help give others some warmth. I’m not usually one to do any shopping on Black Friday, but I may go and check out skeins of yarn just to see how much they cost. if they aren’t too much, I may buy some different colors of yarn, and start making blocks and sending them to Warm Up America, so that my blocks can be part of something bigger.

Doing good things for other people doesn’t have to be limited to crocheting blocks for blankets. One website that I landed on,  has listed several ways to give back by crocheting and knitting different things and sending them to these different organizations. I have put links for the ones that I could find so that you can visit them if you want to. Here are the ways they listed:

1. Go national


Project Linus National Headquarters
PO Box 5621
Bloomington, IL 61702-5621

2. Warm Up America!

3. The Red Scarf Project

Mail to: Foster Care to Success Red Scarf Project, 21351 Gentry Drive Suite 130, Sterling VA 20166.

I found out that the scarves need to be 60 inches long and 5 to 8 inches wide. The color should be some shade of red or burgundy if possible, but other colors may do. They need to be suitable for boys or girls.

4. Go local

Homeless shelters

Women’s shelters

Youth organizations

5. Nursing homes

6. When in doubt, just donate!

Try it. You just may find yourself feeling a whole lot different about life and just what is important in it.


Preparing For Winter

I trust that you too take preparing for winter seriously. If not, please read this article below for useful pointers.

There are many things that you can do to prepare for the arrival of winter. No matter how much we hate the frigid temperatures and possible heavy snows, winter is going to come. There is nothing that we can do to prevent it from coming. What we can prevent is not being ready for it if it should come early.

All the years growing up we always heard about preparing for winter and how to do it. Needless to say, as soon as it started dipping into the forties, we retrieved the winter coats, scarves, hats, and gloves from wherever they had been packed for the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons.

My Mother and my Nanny(Grandmother) both taught me that I should always have certain things on hand in case of a really bad winter, such as getting snowed in or having an ice storm and lose all power.. These included such things as: a supply of drinking water, one gallon per day for every person living in the household enough to last three days, canned soups, as well as soup mixes that can be made with boiling water, non-fat dry milk that can be mixed up, and plenty of crackers. These are handy in case the electric is out, because then you will still be able to have soup with crackers and milk. Peanut butter is a must as a staple in any pantry(unless there is someone allergic to it). You should also have canned vegetables, canned fruits, and canned meats that don’t necessarily need to be cooked. Spices are nice, but not an absolute necessity, other than salt and pepper, and hot sauce.

If you don’t have natural gas, or a fireplace where you can cook, then you need to have some type of propane or butane cooking stove. Make sure that you have plenty of candles and matches;plenty of batteries; flash lights; a battery operated weather radio; blankets and pillows; a fire rod and striker; and a manual can opener. You should have two shovels to remove snow, one for you and the second shovel as a back-up or for someone to help you; hand warmers; a fire blanket for each person in the household; extra food for any type animal you may have; a good knife; a saw and/or hatchet; basic flat head and Philips head screw drivers; pliers or a multi-tool, like the Leather-man Wave, which is an all in one tool.

You should have a basic first aid kit, and also a bottle of alcohol, a bottle of peroxide, super glue or crazy glue for stitches, and quick clot. This will cover basic medical needs. If you are medically trained you will know what else to pack.

There are some basic over the counter medications that you should always keep on hand, which are; low dose chew-able 81 mg aspirin(for minor chest pain), acetaminophen, ibuprofen, Tums or Metamucil, anti diarrhea medicine, upset stomach medicine, basic cough medicine or cough drops, Alka Seltzer, and of course any prescription medications that a doctor prescribes for each family member in the household.

I have basically told you how to prepare in case you become trapped inside your house. This would be possible due to either a major snow storm, with a huge accumulation of snow being measured by the feet, not just the inches, or an ice storm that knocked out the power throughout your city or even parts of your state.

The link below is a preparation list that was put out by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention in their Environmental Health section. It is a very comprehensive list. Many of the things that are in the list are mostly common sense, but there are also some not so common ones.

I hope this has helped you to better prepare for winter. Now is not too early to start the preparations.

Living In The Past – Part Two


Here is an article from Little Budha that demonstrates how other people feel when someone is, as they put it, living in the past. It goes to show that people shouldn’t judge until they know the situation that the person they are judging is in. The man that they were talking about told it like it was and is. He wasn’t living in the past, he was merely remembering it very fondly. It was making him happy. Read the article and experience some of his happiness through looking at the pictures and reading what is under them.


They Told Him To Stop Living In The Past — His Response Was Absolutely Perfect


They Told Him To Stop Living In The Past

Times definitely used to be simpler.

I often think back to the way things used to be. Life is much more complicated now with smart phones and the internet and social media. There’s something really nice about reminiscing about simpler times.

This piece has been going around the internet for more than a decade, and I couldn’t agree more with its message. Modern technology and a modern way of life are fine, but remember the good old days?

After reading this, I just want to sit out on my back porch with a good book, a glass of lemonade, and stare up at the stars. I don’t know who wrote it, but I like to think that whoever did has found a way to live life the way it used to be.

Do you remember these simpler times? Do you wish that things were a little bit more like they used to be back then? Let us know in the comments below.

 ThinkstockPhotos-Old Car


Mom was at home when the kids got home from school. When nobody owned a purebred dog. When a quarter was a decent allowance, and another quarter, a huge bonus.

Candy bars, Cokes, phones calls from pay-phone, popsicles were a nickel…

When you’d reach into a muddy gutter for a penny.

When you got your windshield cleaned, oil checked, and gas pumped, without asking, all for free, every time. And you didn’t pay for air. And you got trading stamps to boot.

When it was considered a great privilege to be taken out to dinner at a real restaurant with your parents.

When the worst thing you could do at school was smoke in the bathrooms, flunk a test or chew gum.

When a ’57 Chevy was everyone’s dream car… to cruise, peel out, lay rubber or watch submarine races, and people went steady and girls wore a class ring with an inch of wrapped yarn so it would fit her finger.

And no one ever asked where the car keys were ’cause they were always in the car, in the ignition, and the doors were never locked. And you got in big trouble if you accidentally locked the doors at home, since no one ever had a key.”

Young boy lying in the grass and laughing

Young boy lying in the grass and laughing

“Remember lying on your back on the grass with your friends and saying things like ‘That cloud looks like a …’

Remember jumping waves at the ocean for hours in that cold water. And playing baseball with no adults to help kids with the rules of the game. Back then, baseball was not a psychological group learning experience – it was a game.

Remember when stuff from the store came without safety caps and hermetic seals ’cause no one had yet tried to poison a perfect stranger.”


Grandparents And Granddaughter Walking On Winter Beach

Grandparents And Granddaughter Walking On Winter Beach

“And with all our progress… don’t you just wish, just once, you could slip back in time and savor the slower pace… and share it with the children of today…

Remember when being sent to the principal’s office was nothing compared to the fate that awaited a misbehaving student at home. Basically, we were in fear for our lives, but it wasn’t because of drive by shootings, drugs, gangs, etc. – our parents and grandparents were a much bigger threat! But we all survived because their love was greater than the threat.”

Young boy running through summer sprinkler.

Young boy running through summer sprinkler.

“Go back with me for a minute… Before the Internet or the MAC… Before semi automatics and crack… Before SEGA or Super Nintendo…Way back…

I’m talkin’ bout hide and go seek at dusk,
Red Light, Green Light,
Kick The Can,
Playing kickball and dodgeball until your porch light came on,
Mother May I,
Red Rover,
Hula Hoops,
Roller skating to music,
Running through the sprinkler.”

Parents playing with their kids.

Parents playing with their kids.

Catchin’ lightning bugs in a jar,
Christmas morning,
Your first day of school,
Bedtime prayers and goodnight kisses,
Climbing trees,
Getting an ice cream off the ice cream truck,
A million mosquito bites and sticky fingers,
Jumpin’ on the bed,
Pillow fights,
Runnin’ till you were out of breath,
Laughing so hard that your stomach hurt,
Being tired from playin’.

Your first crush… Remember that?”

Mother Lovingly Kissing Little Child at Sunset

Mother Lovingly Kissing Little Child at Sunset

“I’m not finished yet…

Kool-Aid was the drink of summer,
Toting your friends on your handle bars,
Wearing your new shoes on the first day of school,
Class field trips,
When nearly everyone’s mom was at home when the kids got there.

There’s nothing like the good old days. They were good then, and they’re good now when we think about them.”

Girl Patting Snowman On His Head

Girl Patting Snowman On His Head

“I want to go back to the time when…

Decisions were made by going ‘eeny-meeny-miney-mo’,
Mistakes were corrected by simply exclaiming, ‘Do it over’,
Money issues were handled by whoever was the banker in Monopoly,
Catching the fireflies could happily occupy an entire evening,
It wasn’t odd to have two or three “best” friends,
Being old referred to anyone over 20,
The worst thing you could catch from the opposite sex was cooties,
Scrapes and bruises were kissed and made better,
It was a big deal to finally be tall enough to ride the ‘big people’ rides at the amusement park,
Getting a foot of snow was a dream come true,
Abilities were discovered because of a ‘double-dog-dare’,
Spinning around, getting dizzy and falling down was cause for giggles,
The worst embarrassment was being picked last for a team,
Water balloons were the ultimate weapon,
Older siblings were the worst tormentors, but also the fiercest protectors.

If you can remember most or all of these, then you have LIVED!”

This section is my own response, Mamma Hen, about this article from Little Budha.
I do remember these times. Being just an elementary school student, I didn’t know about the school ring for quite a few years, but I can relate to the rest of this. Going back in time and reminiscing is good for the soul, and keeps the mind active. There is nothing wrong with doing it. And so far as living in the past, many people feel that if it isn’t broken, then why change it. They are satisfied with the simpler things in life. Who are we to judge them.
Just because the elderly talk a lot about the past doesn’t mean that they are living in the past. It brings back some great memories when they think about certain times in the past. I don’t know about anybody else, but I enjoy listening to the elderly talk about their past. I try to imagine what they are talking about in my mind. When I do, it gives me a good feeling also.
There are several things that I can remember having when I was growing up, that are not available today, but I sure wish that they were. Times were a lot simpler then, and therefore didn’t feel as scary as getting used to today’s technology is for some older people. They are scared that if they touch the wrong button, then they will erase or change something to where it cannot be corrected. In other words, they are afraid that if they hit the wrong button or key on the computer or keyboard, then they will create a catastrophe.
I am an inbetweener and am familiar with both worlds so to speak. Computers were just getting popular and being used in many businesses. So when I graduated from high school, I went to a local business college and earned an Associates Degree in Computer Programming. This was during the time when programmers and technicians used to actually wire the boards with wires like what are used in landline telephones. To write a program for the computer, you had to keypunch a batch of cards that had the program in them in the little holes that you punched. After punching the cards, you had to verify them and correct any errors, or your program would not run properly.
Programming today is easy compared to then. Now everything is actually done on the computer itself. You van run just portions of your program at a time if need be. Then, after you finished writing all the individual sections, you had to program the connection instructions to combine all of the sections.
The reason for telling the story about the programming was to point out just how far technology has come. It is perfectly understandable how an elderly person can get stuck living in the past. For whatever reason, they just cannot grasp the concept of the computer and all that it can do.
I can only imagine how scared they must be with the coming out, in the next few years, of the self driving smart car. I understand the concept, and at times it is even sort of unbelievable to me too.
We need to be more tolerant and less judgemental of people that are different from us. We wouldn’t like it if others were always talking and snickering behind our backs, now would we? This is especially true when there really isn’t anything to snicker about.


My reaction: Wheelchair-bound woman files lawsuit after crawling into plane

An American Airlines aircraft taxis to the gate at Miami International Airport, Wednesday, May 27, 2015, in Miami. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

I recommend you read the full story before reading my reaction. Please go to

I am finding this very upsetting, as will most wheelchair bound people that I know, that will fly in the future. People in wheelchairs have a hard enough time just living life everyday. But when you have to worry about your ability to fly somewhere should the need ever arise, it’s even worse.

In today’s society, anybody that is different in any way has a hard way to go. The difference doesn’t necessarily have to be in the person being handicapped. The difference may be in the person being smarter, not too good looking, short or tall, wears glasses, has hearing aids, or any other of a number of things.

For the most part, society accepts and is starting to accomodate people in wheelchairs more and more. Street corners are being redone so that the curb is even with the road(or that is what it is actually supposed to be), there are little lifts from one floor to the next floor in government buildings where there is a mezzanine, and in some churches, many buildings have had elevators put in them, businesses have installed ramps outside and threshold ramps inside between the doorways, and many communities have started providing handicap accessible transportation, via accessible buses or taxis, for wheelchair bound people.

Up until this current incident, I was under the impression that all airplanes, except for privately owned airplanes, were wheelchair accessible. This goes for commuter flights also. I started having to depend on wheelchair accessible transportation in 1995 when I first ended up in a wheelchair. There has never been a problem with accessibility before now. However, after this incident, I will be leery of all airlines except for Delta. My friend, Vladimir Stafford and I went to Seattle in 2013 to a vlogger fair there. Both of us are in wheelchairs. His wheelchair is an automatic one, and mine is foldable. Needless to say, I don’t have as much trouble since my chair can be folded up. Delta has a great system, and they are very gracious and helpful in any way necessary. They even gave us blankets when we got chilly. The attendants came by quite often to see if either of us needed anything, and were always in a cheerful mood. We were very impressed with their service.

If the person in this incident had have taken Delta, then she would not have had any problems. I don’t imagine that she will ever take American Airlines again. I sure wouldn’t, especially after how rude they were to her and then them saying that there was no way that they were going to compensate her for what happened. I hope the Better Business Bureau puts a bad mark in their record for this.

One thing is for sure, I will not even consider trying to fly on American Airlines after this incident. The way they treated this passenger was totally inacceptable. There are many other wheelchair bound people that feel the same way that I do. This incident has lost American Airlines a lot of clientele. They not only lost wheelchair bound people, but also people that support accessibility for wheelchair bound people and the families that travel with the wheelchair bound people. I am sure that they families will not take American Airlines if they think that there is a possibility that the same thing might happen to their loved one.

American Airlines shot their self in the pocketbook with this one. And their response to the passenger was unheard of for any large company like American Airlines.

To read the full story please go to the website From time to time, I am a contributing author to that website.







Read the full article at

8 Tips For Keeping Your Food Fresh Longer!


I’ve Been Storing My Milk Wrong This Whole Time!

Milk stored wrong

We all know that eating healthy means buying fresh, natural foods. But sometimes it’s tricky to keep track of how to store them when there are so many idiosyncrasies.

Never fear! We’ve created the ultimate food storage guide for you. Here are our top 8 tips for keeping your food fresh longer! Some will probably surprise you…

Healthy Food


Starting with number 8 and working backwards, here are the 8 tips.


These foods should be kept OUT of the refrigerator. They will turn mealy and often lose flavor unless they are kept in a cool, dry place.


Although a cold tomato slice is hard to beat, refrigeration directly affects many of the flavor compounds. Store tomatoes on your counter top, away from the sun.

Citrus Food


Oranges, grapefruit, lemons, and limes will dry out and lose their vigorous taste if left in the fridge. Keep these guys in a bowl on your kitchen table.


Store milk and other dairy products in the top shelves of your fridge. Although pint jugs of milk fit snugly in the refrigerator door, the door is the warmest part!


Keep veggies away from fruits, especially apples, pears, kiwis, and stone fruits. Many fruits emit ethylene which will cause other produce items to spoil prematurely.



Nuts should be stored in the refrigerator. They are full of unsaturated fats that will go rancid and affect their flavor if they are left out!


Celery is best stored wrapped in tin foil in your veggie drawer. There it can last up to 2 weeks!


It turns out there is a way to refrigerate bananas! It is perfectly acceptable to put half of a banana in the fridge if it’s wrapped in tin foil. It can last 2 days this way!


Even though I try not to copy any more than what I feel I have to to get things straight, this article was one that I did not want to get wrong. It is too important to my readers health to mess it up. It was copied word for word, and the pictures were copied also.I hope you find the information very useful.


Top 16 Healing Home Remedies with Honey



 1. Cuts and Scrapes


Honey is antiseptic and antimicrobial. It can speed healing of minor wounds and help to prevent infection. After cleaning the wound, cover it with honey and apply a bandage. Change the dressing in the morning and before bedtime.

2. Coughs


Studies have shown that honey can be just as effective as over-the-counter cough suppressants. Whisk together one cup of honey, three tablespoons of lemon juice and ¼ cup of warm water. Transfer the cough syrup to a jar with a lid and store in the refrigerator. Take by the tablespoon whenever a coughing fit strikes.

3. Cold sores


Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus. Honey is rich in flavonoids and phenolic acid, compounds shown to combat the virus in laboratory tests. Dab honey onto cold sores four times a day to speed the healing process. Applying honey to the affected area as soon as you begin to feel tingling and soreness may help prevent an outbreak.

4. Eczema


Eczema is a persistent inflammation of the skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of honey can help to decrease the symptoms while the anti-bacterial properties work to prevent infection. Apply honey over red, itchy scaly areas. Cover with plastic wrap and leave for twenty minutes, then gently rinse to remove the sticky residue.

5. Hiccups

Causes and Ways to Overcome Hiccups

Hiccups are caused by involuntary spasmodic contractions of the diaphragm. Both honey and castor oil have anti-spasmodic properties. Mix a tablespoon of honey with a tablespoon of castor oil. Swallow a teaspoonful every five minutes until the hiccups stop.

6. Dandruff


Many cases of dandruff are caused by a fungal yeast. The anti-fungal properties of honey can provide relief from itching and flaking. Mix together a solution of three parts honey to one part water. After shampooing, massage the diluted honey into the scalp. Allow it to work for twenty minutes before rinsing hair in warm water.

7. Acne


Honey and cinnamon both have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. They help to prevent acne outbreaks and reduce redness and swelling. Mix together one tablespoon of powdered cinnamon and two tablespoons of honey. Use your fingers to apply the mixture to your face, concentrating on acne-prone areas. Allow the ingredients to work for ten minutes before rinsing.

8. Burns


Clinical trials have shown that burns treated with honey heal faster than those treated with conventional medical dressings. To care for mild to moderate burns, cool the affected area under cold running water and pat dry. Slather thick, set honey over the burn and onto the surrounding skin. Cover the honey-coated area in plastic wrap and secure it with a bandage.

9. Dry Skin


Honey is a humectant and helps skin to retain moisture. Olive oil improves the skin’s suppleness and elasticity. Whisk together equal amounts of honey and olive oil until they emulsify into a cream. Simply massage the lotion into all areas of dry skin.

10. Athlete’s foot


Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection characterized by red, itchy, flakey skin on the feet. Honey has natural fungicidal properties. Before bedtime, rub a thick layer of honey over the affected area. Cover your sticky feet in an old pair of socks and keep them on overnight. Wash and dry your feet in the morning and repeat the procedure each night until the infection clears

11. Sore throat


Honey coats the throat to soothe irritation. Capsaicin in cayenne pepper helps to reduce throat pain by stimulating the mucous membranes. Fill a mug with water and stir in a tablespoon each of honey and lemon juice. Add ½ teaspoon of cayenne pepper. Heat the mixture in the microwave and slowly sip.

12. Sunburn


The humectant properties of honey help to keep moisture in sunburnt skin and the anti-inflammatory properties soothe redness, burning and irritation. Whisk together two cups of apple cider vinegar, one cup of water and ½ cup of honey. Transfer to a spray bottle and spritz over sunburnt areas for instant relief.

13. Acid Reflux


Acid reflux is a condition in which stomach acid enters the esophagus and damages its walls. Honey coats the lining of the throat to soothe the painful burning sensations caused by the acid. Because it is an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, it also helps to heal the mucus membranes. Simply swallow a teaspoon or two of honey when symptoms arise.

14. Dry, Damaged Hair


Honey is a humectant and helps to hold moisture in the hair. Olive oil coats the hair shafts, providing smoothness and shine. To make a hair treatment, warm ½ cup of honey in the microwave and stir in ¼ cup of olive oil. Shampoo hair, then work the conditioner through it. Leave for ten minutes before rinsing with warm water.

15. Mouth Ulcers


A honey and turmeric salve can help to speed healing of mouth ulcers. Honey’s anti-microbial effects ward off infection, while turmeric acts as a natural antiseptic and cooling agent. Mix equal parts of honey and turmeric to form a thick paste. Use a cotton swab to apply it to the sore and leave for two minutes before rinsing your mouth. Continue the treatment twice daily until the ulcer is healed.

16. Insect Bites


The anti-inflammatory properties of honey ease the redness and swelling associated with insect bites, while its antiseptic properties help to prevent infection. Baking soda calms itchiness and irritation. Create a paste by mixing together a tablespoon each of honey, olive oil and baking soda. Apply to the bite and cover with a bandage.


I will put this notice on my post from now on, every time that I copy a post from Facebook, so all of my readers will know that this is not my work, but that of someone else. This, like so many of my posts have, came from Facebook. This was in Love Live Health in the health section.



The Left Out People Of Our Society


I will put this notice on my post from now on, every time that I copy a post or anything else from Facebook, so all of my readers will know that this is not my work, but that of someone else. This, like so many of my posts have, came from Facebook. The photo was from Magic 107.7. The actual article is my own.

There is one sector in our society that gets left out of all of the neat things like the picture below. There are neat things like this about Mothers, Fathers, Grandmothers, and for Grandfathers. Once in a while there are things for Sisters ans Brothers. To my recollection, I have never seen one for Aunts or Uncles about nieces or nephews, except for greeting cards. And I have never even seen a greeting card or anything else about cousins.
For some reason, if a person either chose not to have children, or in my case was unable to have children, they don’t count for much of anything when it comes to special days, cute little sayings, or special cards. Once in a while it is possible to find a special card, but not too often, especially if the store where you are looking is a small one and therefore has a small greeting card section. I don’t know how other non-parent people feel, but it makes me feel like a non-person and is very depressing.
Not only does the commercial/business sector not do much for the non-parent, but the families don’t do much either. This is especially true if the non-parent is also a single person that lives in another state away from the majority of the family. It’s like since you didn’t have any children to carry on the family lineage, then you don’t deserve to have anyone else in the family visit you. You get told that “you are not worth it, after all you are only one person. If I am going to go on a trip, I am going to go where there are many people to visit and not just one.” I can understand the statement, but I cannot understand why the rest of the family cannot chip in to help the single person make the trip to visit the other family members.

I don’t have any granddaughters, because I was unable to have children, but I sure do have a lot of beautiful nieces and cousins. Apparently that doesn’t count when the cute little pictures, greeting cards, and/or sayings are made. This is very depressing so far as I am concerned. What’s worse is that I don’t know how to remedy the situation because if I did, I would surely do it.

Since I do a lot of writing, and poetry is part of my expertise, maybe I just need to make some things up myself and submit them to different greeting card companies. If anybody has any comments, please don’t hesitate to leave them below.

7 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

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7 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Many of us take water for granted. Sometimes we forget how lucky we really are. Considering water is such a vital resource, it’s important to consume enough. Are you drinking enough water? If not, how come? Many individuals find the taste of water boring, as it lacks flavor.

If this is the case for you, don’t be shy to add some lemon to your next glass of water. Lemon is a highly beneficial addition, as it boosts your overall health. Not only will you be consuming essential amounts of water, but you will also increase the overall benefits that your glass of water provides.

Pop and juice are packed with sugar. Although there are natural juices, many beverage options increase your blood sugar, without providing your body with any nutritional value. If you’re trying to lose weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle, or simply feel better; you need to drink more water. Jazzing up your water with lemon will benefit you in the following seven ways:

1. It Balances the pH Levels in Our Body


Although we are overfed, many people are deficient in a wide variety of nutrients. This has led to a population with highly acidic bodies, creating a wide variety of conditions. In order to maintain optimal health, your blood needs to be slightly alkaline.

This of course means that our pH needs to be slightly above 7. The pH of water in its purist form is 7. Any pH below 7 is considered acidic and humans will stop functioning at a pH level below 6.8. The average pH of human blood falls between 7.35 and 7.45. Lemons are thought of as acidic, yet they have an alkalizing effect on our body. Bottled water companies are beginning to offer high pH options in an effort to appeal to those seeking an alkaline aid. However, these bottles typically cost $3 per liter or more, which is somewhat ridiculous considering the pH benefits and economics of putting some lemon in your tap water.

Lemon water can help stabilize the pH of your body, preventing various health conditions. Since lemon water has a positive effect on pH levels, it helps the body remove toxins. This natural detox process is incredible for fighting off viruses and many other related ailments (especially regarding your long-term health).