Groundbeef Hack

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This is a great idea. Will have to try it next time I get ground beef. It just makes sense that the thinner something is, when it’s put in the freezer, the sooner it will thaw out when you want to use it.


Neck Towels

As I am an older lady, I have already been through the “change of life”. The doctor’s told me that the hot flashes would be gone after I finished going through the “change”. They were wrong. I still have them. But I took matters into my own hands when the perspiration got too bad. During the hot weather especially, no one would catch me without a towel around my neck.

During the “change”, come the so call it “invention” of the menopause towel. Believe you me, I didn’t just have white workout towels around my neck. I bought bath towels of every color that the store had at that time. They were cut into four strips, and a very good friend sewed the edges for me so that they wouldn’t ravel out. There were towels of every color to match every outfit that I had. My friends were really amazed at the towels, and told me that I should sell them as ‘menopause towels” and they bet that I could make a lot of money.

I never did market the towels, but I still use them to this day because I am one of those unlucky people that still has hot flashes many years after I finished going through the “change”.