I Would Survive

This is from Facebook. I have seen other signs pointing out the same thing, but there are still people that will not be encumbered with having to put on a face mask and gloves to protect them selves and to protect others. There are many people that are following the quarantine guidelines by wearing the mandated face mask and gloves, yet they and or a member of their family still ends up being stricken by the COVID-19 virus. And when one of the family members or friends has to go it alone, all the way to the very end when they go towards the light, they probably wonder what they did wrong to be inflected by the COVID-19 virus.

Then you see it on TV, or in the news paper, and sometimes even in real life, people that either think they are invincible or just don’t give a hoot about anybody period. Not only do they run the risk of becoming stricken by the COVID-19 virus, but also death. They may not be quite as strong as they thought they were to be able fight off the virus and it ends up not only killing them, but also their family members and friends.

When this happens, there is no telling how many people will end up with the virus and dying, when it could have all been avoided if they would have only followed the mandated guidelines of the quarantine, and put on a face mask and gloves. So simple of a procedure when compared to all that has to be done when anybody dies. what with the autopsy, the clothes they have to be buried in, the casket they have to be laid to their final rest in, the vault to put the casket in, and finally the burial plot the vault with the casket inside of it has to be placed in. You’re talking about thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars that has to be spent on each one of the avoidable victims you caused to catch the virus,



Something Wrong With The Phone

I copied this from Facebook too, just like so many lately. Anybody that has a loved one that lives alone or is in another state alone, the other relatives might consider calling them every few days. Not only do they feel like they have been abandoned so to speak, but unless you call them, because that possibly can’t call you and are worrying if you are OK.I know from experience that being the only family member in another state can be very lonely, and depressing. Usually, id anyone does the calling, I call them. Just once in a while they will call me.




I will put this notice on my post from now on, every time that I copy a post from Facebook, so all of my readers will know that this is not my work, but that of someone else. This, like so many of my posts have, came from Facebook. This is from Kelly Bagnasco’s post on my Facebook. She has given me permission to share any of her posts that I think will help my readers.


Kelly Bagnasco



Boost your metabolism naturally with this ZERO CALORIE Detox Drink. Put down the diet sodas and crystal light and try this out for a week. You will drop weight and have TONS ON ENERGY! Sounds yummy!

Makes one big pitcher, re-fill water 3-4 times before replacing apples and cinnamon.

1 Apple thinly sliced (whatever your favorite is)
2 Cinnamon Sticks

Drop apple slices in the bottom of the pitcher and then the cinnamon sticks, cover with ice about 1/2 way up then add water.



Kelly Bagnasco is a great resource for many things; these include great recipes, handy DIY projects, and life hacks that tell about numerous uses for many things. She has given me permission to use any of her posts that I think would be useful for my readers. She has been a blogger that I have followed for years. I even have made a website just for many of her great tips and information about the various uses for things from foods to everyday items that most people have around the house. You will see many of her posts on this website. She is so concise that there is not much else I could say to enhance any of her posts.

 Honey and Cinnamon

Great information!! Cinnamon and Honey! Drug companies won’t like this one getting around. Note- honey pictured isn’t raw honey!

Facts on Honey and Cinnamon:

It is found that a mix of raw honey and cinnamon cures most diseases. Raw honey is produced in most of the countries of the world. Scientists of today also note honey as very effective medicine for all kinds of diseases. Honey can be used without side effects which is also a plus. Today’s science says that even though honey is sweet, when it is taken in the right dosage as a medicine, it does not harm even diabetic patients. Researched by western scientists:

HEART DISEASES: Make a paste of honey and cinnamon powder, put it on toast instead of jelly and jam and eat it regularly for breakfast. It reduces the cholesterol and could potentially save one from heart attack. Also, even if you have already had an attack studies show you could be kept miles away from the next attack. Regular use of cinnamon honey strengthens the heart beat. In America and Canada, various nursing homes have treated patients successfully and have found that as one ages the arteries and veins lose their flexibility and get clogged; honey and cinnamon revitalize the arteries and the veins.

ARTHRITIS: Arthritis patients can benefit by taking one cup of hot water with two tablespoons of honey and one small teaspoon of cinnamon powder. When taken daily even chronic arthritis can be cured. In a recent research conducted at the Copenhagen University, it was found that when the doctors treated their patients with a mixture of one tablespoon Honey and half teaspoon Cinnamon powder before breakfast, they found that within a week (out of the 200 people so treated) practically 73 patients were totally relieved of pain — and within a month, most all the patients who could not walk or move around because of arthritis now started walking without pain.

BLADDER INFECTIONS: Take two tablespoons of cinnamon powder and one teaspoon of honey in a glass of lukewarm water and drink it. It destroys the germs in the bladder….who knew?

CHOLESTEROL: Two tablespoons of honey and three teaspoons of Cinnamon Powder mixed in 16 ounces of tea water given to a cholesterol patient was found to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood by 10 percent within two hours. As mentioned for arthritic patients, when taken three times a day, any chronic cholesterol-could be cured. According to information received in the said Journal, pure honey taken with food daily relieves complaints of cholesterol.

COLDS: Those suffering from common or severe colds should take one tablespoon lukewarm honey with 1/4 spoon cinnamon powder daily for three days. This process will cure most chronic cough, cold, and, clear the sinuses, and it’s delicious too!

UPSET STOMACH: Honey taken with cinnamon powder cures stomach ache and also is said to clear stomach ulcers from its root.

GAS: According to the studies done in India and Japan, it is revealed that when Honey is taken with cinnamon powder the stomach is relieved of gas.

IMMUNE SYSTEM: Daily use of honey and cinnamon powder strengthens the immune system and protects the body from bacterial and viral attacks. Scientists have found that honey has various vitamins and iron in large amounts. Constant use of Honey strengthens the white blood corpuscles (where DNA is contained) to fight bacterial and viral diseases.

INDIGESTION: Cinnamon powder sprinkled on two tablespoons of honey taken before food is eaten relieves acidity and digests the heaviest of meals

INFLUENZA: A scientist in Spain has proved that honey contains a natural ‘Ingredient’ which kills the influenza germs and saves the patient from flu.

LONGEVITY: Tea made with honey and cinnamon powder, when taken regularly, arrests the ravages of old age. Use four teaspoons of honey, one teaspoon of cinnamon powder, and three cups of boiling water to make a tea. Drink 1/4 cup, three to four times a day. It keeps the skin fresh and soft and arrests old age. Life spans increase and even a 100 year old will start performing the chores of a 20-year-old.

RASPY OR SORE THROAT: When throat has a tickle or is raspy, take one tablespoon of honey and sip until gone. Repeat every three hours until throat is without symptoms.

PIMPLES: Three tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder paste. Apply this paste on the pimples before sleeping and wash it off the next morning with warm water. When done daily for two weeks, it removes all pimples from the root.

SKIN INFECTIONS:Applying honey and cinnamon powder in equal parts on the affected parts cures eczema, ringworm and all types of skin Infections.

WEIGHT LOSS:Daily in the morning one half hour before breakfast and on an empty stomach, and at night before sleeping, drink honey and cinnamon powder boiled in one cup of water. When taken regularly, it reduces the weight of even the most obese person. Also, drinking this mixture regularly does not allow the fat to accumulate in the body even though the person may eat a high calorie diet. (Boil 1 cup water. Place 1/2 tsp. cinnamon powder in a cup and add the water. Steep for 30 minutes (covered is best). When the tea has cooled, stir in 1 tsp. organic, raw, unprocessed honey.)

CANCER: Recent research in Japan and Australia has revealed that advanced cancer of the stomach and bones have been cured successfully. Patients suffering from these kinds of cancer should daily take one tablespoon of honey with one teaspoon of cinnamon powder three times a day for one month.

FATIGUE: Recent studies have shown that the sugar content of honey is more helpful rather than being detrimental to the strength of the body. Senior citizens who take honey and cinnamon powder in equal parts are more alert and flexible. Dr. Milton, who has done research, says that a half tablespoon of honey taken in a glass of water and sprinkled with cinnamon powder, even when the vitality of the body starts to decrease, when taken daily after brushing and in the afternoon at about 3:00 P.M., the vitality of the body increases within a week.

BAD BREATH: People of South America, gargle with one teaspoon of honey and cinnamon powder mixed in hot water first thing in the morning so their breath stays fresh throughout the day.

Top 16 Healing Home Remedies with Honey



 1. Cuts and Scrapes


Honey is antiseptic and antimicrobial. It can speed healing of minor wounds and help to prevent infection. After cleaning the wound, cover it with honey and apply a bandage. Change the dressing in the morning and before bedtime.

2. Coughs


Studies have shown that honey can be just as effective as over-the-counter cough suppressants. Whisk together one cup of honey, three tablespoons of lemon juice and ¼ cup of warm water. Transfer the cough syrup to a jar with a lid and store in the refrigerator. Take by the tablespoon whenever a coughing fit strikes.

3. Cold sores


Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus. Honey is rich in flavonoids and phenolic acid, compounds shown to combat the virus in laboratory tests. Dab honey onto cold sores four times a day to speed the healing process. Applying honey to the affected area as soon as you begin to feel tingling and soreness may help prevent an outbreak.

4. Eczema


Eczema is a persistent inflammation of the skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of honey can help to decrease the symptoms while the anti-bacterial properties work to prevent infection. Apply honey over red, itchy scaly areas. Cover with plastic wrap and leave for twenty minutes, then gently rinse to remove the sticky residue.

5. Hiccups

Causes and Ways to Overcome Hiccups

Hiccups are caused by involuntary spasmodic contractions of the diaphragm. Both honey and castor oil have anti-spasmodic properties. Mix a tablespoon of honey with a tablespoon of castor oil. Swallow a teaspoonful every five minutes until the hiccups stop.

6. Dandruff


Many cases of dandruff are caused by a fungal yeast. The anti-fungal properties of honey can provide relief from itching and flaking. Mix together a solution of three parts honey to one part water. After shampooing, massage the diluted honey into the scalp. Allow it to work for twenty minutes before rinsing hair in warm water.

7. Acne


Honey and cinnamon both have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. They help to prevent acne outbreaks and reduce redness and swelling. Mix together one tablespoon of powdered cinnamon and two tablespoons of honey. Use your fingers to apply the mixture to your face, concentrating on acne-prone areas. Allow the ingredients to work for ten minutes before rinsing.

8. Burns


Clinical trials have shown that burns treated with honey heal faster than those treated with conventional medical dressings. To care for mild to moderate burns, cool the affected area under cold running water and pat dry. Slather thick, set honey over the burn and onto the surrounding skin. Cover the honey-coated area in plastic wrap and secure it with a bandage.

9. Dry Skin


Honey is a humectant and helps skin to retain moisture. Olive oil improves the skin’s suppleness and elasticity. Whisk together equal amounts of honey and olive oil until they emulsify into a cream. Simply massage the lotion into all areas of dry skin.

10. Athlete’s foot


Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection characterized by red, itchy, flakey skin on the feet. Honey has natural fungicidal properties. Before bedtime, rub a thick layer of honey over the affected area. Cover your sticky feet in an old pair of socks and keep them on overnight. Wash and dry your feet in the morning and repeat the procedure each night until the infection clears

11. Sore throat


Honey coats the throat to soothe irritation. Capsaicin in cayenne pepper helps to reduce throat pain by stimulating the mucous membranes. Fill a mug with water and stir in a tablespoon each of honey and lemon juice. Add ½ teaspoon of cayenne pepper. Heat the mixture in the microwave and slowly sip.

12. Sunburn


The humectant properties of honey help to keep moisture in sunburnt skin and the anti-inflammatory properties soothe redness, burning and irritation. Whisk together two cups of apple cider vinegar, one cup of water and ½ cup of honey. Transfer to a spray bottle and spritz over sunburnt areas for instant relief.

13. Acid Reflux


Acid reflux is a condition in which stomach acid enters the esophagus and damages its walls. Honey coats the lining of the throat to soothe the painful burning sensations caused by the acid. Because it is an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, it also helps to heal the mucus membranes. Simply swallow a teaspoon or two of honey when symptoms arise.

14. Dry, Damaged Hair


Honey is a humectant and helps to hold moisture in the hair. Olive oil coats the hair shafts, providing smoothness and shine. To make a hair treatment, warm ½ cup of honey in the microwave and stir in ¼ cup of olive oil. Shampoo hair, then work the conditioner through it. Leave for ten minutes before rinsing with warm water.

15. Mouth Ulcers


A honey and turmeric salve can help to speed healing of mouth ulcers. Honey’s anti-microbial effects ward off infection, while turmeric acts as a natural antiseptic and cooling agent. Mix equal parts of honey and turmeric to form a thick paste. Use a cotton swab to apply it to the sore and leave for two minutes before rinsing your mouth. Continue the treatment twice daily until the ulcer is healed.

16. Insect Bites


The anti-inflammatory properties of honey ease the redness and swelling associated with insect bites, while its antiseptic properties help to prevent infection. Baking soda calms itchiness and irritation. Create a paste by mixing together a tablespoon each of honey, olive oil and baking soda. Apply to the bite and cover with a bandage.


I will put this notice on my post from now on, every time that I copy a post from Facebook, so all of my readers will know that this is not my work, but that of someone else. This, like so many of my posts have, came from Facebook. This was in Love Live Health in the health section.



Heart Attacks And Water

These are the opinions from Kelly Bagnasco’s research. They are not necessarily my own opinions, nor are they medical facts by me. I am not a physician and do not claim to know the validity of this post.


Kelly Bagnasco is a great resource for many things; these include great recipes, handy DIY projects, and life hacks that tell about numerous uses for many things. She has given me permission to use any of her posts that I think would be useful for my readers. She has been a blogger that I have followed for years. I even have made a website just for many of her great tips and information about the various uses for things from foods to everyday items that most people have around the house. You will see many of her posts on this website. She is so concise that there is not much else I could say to enhance any of her posts.


This is a quote from the article below – ” A Cardiologist has stated that if each person after receiving this e-mail, sends it to 10 people, probably one life could be saved! I have already shared this information. What about you? Do forward this message. It may save lives!
“Life is a one time gift” “.

If you have never paid attention to any articles before, please pay attention to this one!!!  It could save your life!!!

 Glass of Water
How many folks do you know who say they don’t want to drink anything before going to bed because they’ll have to get up during the night. Something else I didn’t know … did you know that the reason you urinate at night is because gravity holds water in the lower part of your body when you are upright (legs swell). When you lie down and the lower body (legs and etc) seeks level with the kidneys, it is then that the kidneys remove the water because it is easier. This then ties in with the last statement!I knew you need your minimum water to help flush the toxins out of your body, but I didn’t know there was a time that was best! This is from A Cardiac Specialist!Drinking water at a certain time maximizes its effectiveness on the body
2 glasses of water after waking up – helps activate internal organs
1 glass of water 30 minutes before a meal – helps digestion
1 glass of water before taking a bath – helps lower blood pressure
1 glass of water before going to bed – avoids stroke or heart attackI can also add to this… My Physician told me that water at bed time will also help prevent night time leg cramps. Your leg muscles are seeking hydration when they cramp and wake you up with a Charlie Horse.Mayo Clinic Aspirin Dr. Virend Somers, is a Cardiologist from the Mayo Clinic, who is lead author of the report in the July 29, 2008 issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.Most heart attacks occur in the day, generally between 6 A.M. and noon. Having one during the night, when the heart should be most at rest, means that something unusual happened. Somers and his colleagues have been working for a decade to show that sleep apnea is to blame.
1. If you take an aspirin or a baby aspirin once a day, take it at night.
The reason: Aspirin has a 24-hour “half-life”; therefore, if most heart attacks happen in the wee hours of the morning, the Aspirin would be strongest in your system.
2. FYI, Aspirin lasts a really long time in your medicine chest, for years, (when it gets old, it smells like vinegar).

Please read on…

Something that we can do to help ourselves – nice to know. Bayer is making crystal aspirin to dissolve instantly on the tongue.
They work much faster than the tablets.

Why keep Aspirin by your bedside? It’s about Heart Attacks. There are other symptoms of a heart attack, besides the pain on the left arm. One must also be aware of an intense pain on the chin, as well as nausea and lots of sweating; however, these symptoms may also occur less frequently.

Note: There may be NO pain in the chest during a heart attack.
The majority of people (about 60%) who had a heart attack during their sleep did not wake up. However, if it occurs, the chest pain may wake you up from your deep sleep. If that happens, immediately dissolve two aspirins in your mouth and swallow them with a bit of water.

Afterwards: – Call 911. – Phone a neighbor or a family member who lives very close by.- Say “heart attack!” – Say that you have taken 2 Aspirins.
Take a seat on a chair or sofa near the front door, and wait for their arrival and …DO NOT LIE DOWN!

A Cardiologist has stated that if each person after receiving this e-mail, sends it to 10 people, probably one life could be saved! I have already shared this information. What about you? Do forward this message. It may save lives!
“Life is a one time gift”


This information is very important information for those of us that have any kind of heart relayed issues. These include Congestive Heart Failure, any fibrillation problems or heart rhythm problems such as bradycardia or tachycardia, an enlarged heart, bypass surgery history, stints, and high blood pressure. I am sure there are others, but I am not familiar with them.

My plans, starting tonight, include drinking more water, especially before going to bed and when I wake up. Hopefully I will be able to drink more water at other times also. There are plans to cut down on carbonated drinks also, even though they are sugar free. If the cutting down goes smoothly, then I may cut them out almost completely, and switch to tea, juice, or milk.

Some things that we read impact us a little, some  enough to do them when you think about them and remember what they are, and others, like this article, that have a very big impact. At least so far as I am concerned. THAT’S WHY MY CHANGE IS GOING TO START TODAY, RIGHT NOW!!


7 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Disclaimer of medical knowledge on any posts of a medical nature.These are the opinions from the author’s research. They are not necessarily my own opinions, nor are they medical facts by me. I am not a physician and do not claim to know the validity of this post.


7 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Many of us take water for granted. Sometimes we forget how lucky we really are. Considering water is such a vital resource, it’s important to consume enough. Are you drinking enough water? If not, how come? Many individuals find the taste of water boring, as it lacks flavor.

If this is the case for you, don’t be shy to add some lemon to your next glass of water. Lemon is a highly beneficial addition, as it boosts your overall health. Not only will you be consuming essential amounts of water, but you will also increase the overall benefits that your glass of water provides.

Pop and juice are packed with sugar. Although there are natural juices, many beverage options increase your blood sugar, without providing your body with any nutritional value. If you’re trying to lose weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle, or simply feel better; you need to drink more water. Jazzing up your water with lemon will benefit you in the following seven ways:

1. It Balances the pH Levels in Our Body


Although we are overfed, many people are deficient in a wide variety of nutrients. This has led to a population with highly acidic bodies, creating a wide variety of conditions. In order to maintain optimal health, your blood needs to be slightly alkaline.

This of course means that our pH needs to be slightly above 7. The pH of water in its purist form is 7. Any pH below 7 is considered acidic and humans will stop functioning at a pH level below 6.8. The average pH of human blood falls between 7.35 and 7.45. Lemons are thought of as acidic, yet they have an alkalizing effect on our body. Bottled water companies are beginning to offer high pH options in an effort to appeal to those seeking an alkaline aid. However, these bottles typically cost $3 per liter or more, which is somewhat ridiculous considering the pH benefits and economics of putting some lemon in your tap water.

Lemon water can help stabilize the pH of your body, preventing various health conditions. Since lemon water has a positive effect on pH levels, it helps the body remove toxins. This natural detox process is incredible for fighting off viruses and many other related ailments (especially regarding your long-term health).

Winter Sore Throat Tea

Health Digest

~~~~~Winter Sore Throat Tea~~~~~~

Make sure you have some of this ready…great recipe for sore throats and chest colds

…..makes about 2 cups

1. Two lemons thoroughly cleaned and sliced
2. Two piece of ginger about the size of your pointer and middle finger together sliced into coin size pieces
3. Honey (about 1 cup-maybe more)

In a 12-16 oz. jar combine lemon slices and sliced ginger.
Pour honey (organic is best) over it slowly. This may take a little time to let the honey sink down and around the lemon and ginger slices. Make sure when the honey has filled in all the voids, there is enough to cover the top of the lemon slices.
Close jar and put it in the fridge, it will form into a “jelly”. To serve: Spoon jelly into mug and pour boiling water over it.
Store in fridge 2-3 months.


This sounds interesting. Will have to try it. After all, it’s that time of year.



Kelly Bagnasco


1. Budweiser beer conditions the hair
2. Pam cooking spray will dry finger nail polish
3. Cool whip will condition your hair in 15 minutes
4. Mayonnaise will KILL LICE, it will also condition your hair
5. Elmer’s Glue – paint on your face, allow it to dry, peel off and see the dead skin and blackheads if any.
6. Shiny Hair – use brewed Lipton Tea
7. Sunburn – empty a large jar of Nestea into your bath water
8. Minor burn – Colgate or Crest toothpaste
9. Burn your tongue? Put sugar on it!
10. Arthritis? WD-40 Spray and rub in, kill insect stings too
11 Bee stings – meat tenderizer
12. Chigger bite – Preparation H
13. Puffy eyes – Preparation H
14. Paper cut – crazy glue or chap stick (glue is used instead of sutures at most hospitals)
15. Stinky feet – Jello !
16. Athletes feet – cornstarch
17. Fungus on toenails or fingernails – Vicks vapor rub
18. Kool aid to clean dishwasher pipes. Just put in the detergent section and run a cycle, it will also clean a toilet. (Wow, and we drink this stuff)
19. Kool Aid can be used as a dye in paint also Kool Aid in Dannon plain yogurt as a finger paint, your kids will love it and it won’t hurt them if they eat it!
20. Peanut butter – will get scratches out of CD’s! Wipe off with a coffee filter paper
21. Sticking bicycle chain – Pam no-stick cooking spray
22. Pam will also remove paint, and grease from your hands! Keep a can in your garage for your hubby
23. Peanut butter will remove ink from the face of dolls
24. When the doll clothes are hard to put on, sprinkle with corn starch and watch them slide on
25. Heavy dandruff – pour on the vinegar !
26. Body paint – Crisco mixed with food coloring. Heat the Crisco in the microwave, pour in to an empty film container and mix with the food color of your choice!
27 Tie Dye T-shirt – mix a solution of Kool Aid in a container, tie a rubber band around a section of the T-shirt and soak
28. Preserving a newspaper clipping – large bottle of club soda and cup of milk of magnesia , soak for 20 min. and let dry, will last for many years!
29. A Slinky will hold toast and CD’s!
30. To keep goggles and glasses from fogging, coat with Colgate toothpaste
31. Wine stains, pour on the Morton salt and watch it absorb into the salt.
32. To remove wax – Take a paper towel and iron it over the wax stain, it will absorb into the towel.
33. Remove labels off glassware etc. rub with Peanut butter!
34. Baked on food – fill container with water, get a Bounce paper softener and the static from the Bounce towel will cause the baked on food to adhere to it. Soak overnight. Also; you can use 2 Efferdent tablets , soak overnight!
35. Crayon on the wall – Colgate toothpaste and brush it!
36.. Dirty grout – Listerine
37. Stains on clothes – Colgate toothpaste
38. Grass stains – Karo Syrup
39. Grease Stains – Coca Cola , it will also remove grease stains from the driveway overnight. We know it will take corrosion from car batteries!
40. Fleas in your carpet? 20 Mule Team Borax- sprinkle and let stand for 24 hours. Maybe this will work if you get them back again.
41. To keep FRESH FLOWERS longer Add a little Clorox , or 2 Bayer aspirin , or just use 7-up instead of water.
42. When you go to buy bread in the grocery store, have you ever wondered which is the freshest, so you ‘squeeze’ for freshness or softness? Did you know that bread is delivered fresh to the stores five days a week? Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Each day has a different color twist tie. They are:
Monday = Blue,
Tuesday = Green,
Thursday = Red
Friday = White
Saturday = Yellow.
So if today was Thursday, you would want red twist tie; not white which is Fridays (almost a week old)! The colors go alphabetically by color Blue- Green – Red – White – Yellow, Monday through Saturday. Very easy to remember. I thought this was interesting. I looked in the grocery store and the bread wrappers DO have different twist ties, and even the ones with the plastic clips have different colors. You learn something new everyday! Enjoy fresh bread when you buy bread with the right color on the day you are shopping.

Don’t forget Gatorade for Migraine Headaches. Power Ade won’t work. Pass this information on to friends so they can be informed.