A change is on the horizon.

Effective September 1, 2015, MammaHen.com, and her brands, are going to make a big change. On that date, MammaHen.com will become MammaHen Solutions, LLC, and will act as the primary business, owning all of the other brands. All site content from mammahen.com will be moved to blogsbymamma.com, and any future blog posts will also be found there. MammaHen.com will be used as a conglomerate, and poetry business, instead of just a hobby, as it has been up until that date. We will strive to continue as before, with informative posts on our new dedicated blog site. We will also add new features on blogsbymamma, including newsletters, video blogs or vlogs on YouTube, and even maybe prize giveaways from time to time.

Change Is In The Air


Dear followers:  As of this date mammahen.com is going to return to what the site was originally set up to do. Originally this site was set up as a help site for different kinds of problems. These problems could range from everyday situations to medical to psychological. In referring to these problems, I planned on posting my personal experiences to as many of them as what applied. In other words, if I have had a certain problem, then I am going to post how I have handled the situation. Likewise, if there are situations that I can think about that I might have insight into, or have heard other people talking about them, then I will post on possible outcomes for them as well.

Obviously that has not happened on very many occasions. I have gotten off on numerous tangents, and topics not dealing with problems at all. Well, that is going to change from here on out. I am going to only post on problems and difficult situations, and once in a while throw in something just for laughs to brighten up intense posts from other times. And there may be an occasional post about something important that I think will benefit many people to know. It is my goal to tell you what is the worst that I can think of that could happen, what is the best that I can think of that could happen, and then post what I think will most likely happen, or what actually happened to me if I have had the same problem.

By doing this, I hope to be able to give my followers hope that whatever they are going through will most likely get better. Although it may get worse before it gets better, it will probably get better and pass on.

As I am affectionately called Mamma Hen, there are some of my friends that are referred to as my “chicks”. These friends come to me at different times needing help with different things. I may not always be able to help by giving you the answer that you want to hear, but I will give you the best answer that I know of, and to the best of my ability. There is a CONTACT US button on the Menu Bar that you can select if you want to contact me personally. All messages are private and will be handled in a safe manner. My answers or discussion to any situation will always be honest and to the best of my knowledge. Just remember I am only human. I have no super natural powers. My goal is to help as many hurting people as I can in the most Christian and positive way possible. If by chance you would like for others to know about the situation, BUT AT NO TIME WHO YOU ARE, then you can let me know that the answer may be shared. I’m thinking about situations that several other people may also be having at the same time, and my answers to you may also help them.

An example here may be the subject about bullying. If you are being bullied, and you contact me to talk about it, you may know others that are being bullied besides yourself. If this is the case, then the answers that I give you could possibly help them as well. In this situation, all you would need to do is to tell me that the answer may be shared. As soon as you tell me that, then the answer will go into the general blog, and not the private/personal section.

Just be warned that there may be some subjects that, as an older adult, I feel any discussion of them will help numerous people. If this is the case, I will make the decision to share them, BUT AT NO TIME WHO YOU ARE, with my followers. After all, that is what this website was originally designed for. My goal is to help as many people as possible with as many different things as possible, and in a positive manner. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.