Children And Responsibilities

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Children need to know their boundaries and their responsibilities. Boundaries can start being taught when the baby first starts grabbing Mommy’s earrings or necklace, gently say NO and take the baby’s hands away, repeat whenever the baby grabs for something they shouldn’t be grabbing or touching. When they start crawling make sure there’s nothing close that will hurt the baby or that can get broken. If they go for something they shouldn’t touch, tell them no and take their hands away from it. if they think it’s funny and continue to grab for it, then give the baby’s hand a gentle slap so they know you mean business. My Mother and my Grandmother both did this to me and my brothers and sister when we were growing up, and we all turned out fine.

When the child gets old enough to understand instructions like pick up your toys when you’re done with them and put your dirty clothes in the hamper, make them do it. At first you may want to put whatever item in their hands and show them where to put them. This may have to be done several times before they get the hang of it, but it is a necessary step in them growing up to be responsible adults.

If the child breaks something, and it was their fault, then fuss at them for it and make them apologize for it. If they are big enough to earn an allowance, make them pay a certain amount each time they receive their allowance, until the value of the item has been paid. If they missed curfew, then punish them. If they usually play games on the computer, depending on how bad the infraction is, punish them for a week or two by not letting them play their games on the computer. If you catch them on the computer, put it where they can’t get to it unless you can see them.

They need to know their boundaries at as early of an age as possible. Then hopefully they will grow up to be responsible adults.