Christmas Day Is Over

Christmas day is over now and it’s back to the old routine. Some people may be very depressed because they didn’t get to see their family and or friends. You have to stay positive and happy though, because you are still alive and can at least tell your family and friends how you feel about them. You can tell them how much you love them and miss them, if that’s the case. But if you were in an abusive environment, like I grew up in, then you can be happy that you are no longer in that situation, and be happy for the “new friends” and the “new family” that you have now. You may not have received the main thing that you wanted special this year. After all, Christmas is the only time we can actually ASK for whatever we want. It doesn’t have to be something that we especially need, just something we want. Just be happy if you got anything at all. Some people didn’t get anything. Nothing in life is promised to us, and that goes for Christmas presents too.

At Christmas other people seem to be more giving of things that are not necessarily needed, but that will make us happy. Giving and receiving are supposed to make both people happy. The person doing the giving is happy because they made the person that they gave the gift to happy, and the person receiving the gift is happy because they received a gift that wasn’t necessarily something that they needed. So everybody is happy, right? Not necessarily so. If the person doing the giving had a hard time finding the gift, then they aren’t very happy. And if by chance it wasn’t just what the person receiving the gift wanted then they aren’t happy either. That makes for an awkward situation all the way around.

There is not a lot that you can do about the other person and how they feel, however you can do something about how you feel. Even if you don’t especially like what you got, you should still be thankful for it. There are many people that didn’t get anything at all. The fact that you got something, even if you didn’t especially like it, should make you feel happy. At least someone thought enough about you to give you something. And it is supposed to be the thought that counts. The person may not have had much money to purchase a gift with, or at least not enough to get what you wanted. You should be able to rest assured that the person did the best they could with the money that they had. If they didn’t love or care for you, then they would not have gotten you anything.

I am sure that there are probably some people that are so depressed about a loved one that passed away during the past year that they cannot make their self happy no matter what. I know the feeling. I just lost my last living uncle this year. I haven’t gotten to see my family since June of 2006. I have lost at least one family member every year since 2010. It hurts so deeply that I don’t think I can stand it sometimes. But then I have to realize that they had medical problems that were really worse than anyone ever knew. My second step-father, that I called “Pop” died in his sleep in February of 2011 in a diabetic coma. One of my uncles was found dead in his trailer from a heart attack the next year. My real Father died from complications due to pneumonia on April 16, 2012. The second uncle to die lived less that a year after being diagnosed with lung cancer and diabetes and passed away in August of 2013. The last uncle died from a ruptured colon after exercising at a local YMCA this past August. The only family that I have left from my Mother’s side is my Mother. I can be happy though knowing that they are no longer in pain and will never be sick again. There was a poem on Facebook today that was really touching. I have copied and pasted it here. I hope that it makes you feel as happy as it did me.



This poem is so uplifting that I am finding it hard to be upset about the loved ones that have passed away. This lets me know and or believe that they are so much better off now, and that they are looking down on me. They are never really gone, for they will remain in my heart forever, and I can call on all the happy memories whenever I want to, and I will see them again when it is my time to pass on.

In life, we have to realize that God has only loaned us our lives and our bodies for a certain amount of time. God is the only one that knows when our time to come home to Him is going to be. So we should be happy that we are alive every day that we wake up to another sunrise, to the rain that is necessary for things to grow, or for the snow that makes things be so beautiful, and all things are equal when nobody can see the difference in the old or new cars and or trucks, etcetera. When we pass on, then we will still be happy if we have lived the life the bible told us to live, and done as the ten commandments have told us to do.

I talk about God because I am a Christian but you have to put in whatever you call your higher power, or do whatever your specific religion has told you to do then you will go to your special place also.