“Christmas” Time

Christmas is for everybody, but let’s face it, Christmas is especially exciting for children. Half of the children’s excitement is in the anticipation of it’s arrival. To help the children contain their excitement the adults in their life can show them how to do simple do-it-yourself projects. They can make these presents for family members and/or friends. If the children happen to be in an orphanage situation, then possibly some of the adults there can help the children with the projects. Once the projects are finished, the children can help to find nursing homes to go to and give the gifts to the residents there. They can inquire as to which residents don’t get any visitors and then give the gifts to those residents. Or if the adults help the children, then together they can make cookies and possibly give a small “party” for the residents. Take the cookies and make drinks with the powder mixes. While the residents are having their cookies and drinks, the children can be singing simple Christmas carols to cheer everybody up. It will obviously be a simple “party”, but after all, it is supposed to be the thought that counts. It’s a “win – win” situation. Doing this should result in both the residents and the children being happy. The residents will be happy because they received unexpected visitors, and the children will be happy for having helped to make the cookies and other projects that they gave to the residents. It’s almost impossible when one person smiles not to smile back. By the time the “party” is over everybody should be happy. And best of all, the children will have learned it’s better to give than to receive, and maybe they won’t be quite as sad if they don’t receive much.

“Jesus is the reason for the season”, as the phrase goes. Christ was born on that day, and there was a celebration of His birth. When we go to Church we celebrate God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Ghost. This celebration at Church is called a Mass. The term given to the birth and celebration of Jesus birth was Christmas. The name for the celebration came many years after Jesus was born though.

The spirit of giving started when Jesus was born. The Wise-Men and Kings brought the baby Jesus all kinds of gifts. They brought Gold, Frankincense,and Myrrh. The little drummer boy had no money to buy a gift for the baby Jesus, so his gift to Jesus was playing the drums for Him. That showed that a gift can be something as small as spending time with someone, or singing for them. Whatever you give, whether it is bought or handmade, or just a gift of time, it is the thought of doing something for the person that counts.


Children like this time of year.

Hearts are light and full of cheer.

Radiance is noticed everywhere.

Inside people feel a change.

Sharing and smiling carolers sing.

Thankful for life and everything.

Making sure all is done.

Anticipation is half the fun

Santa surely now will come.

It seemed like Christmas day

never would get here

The children’s anticipation

filled half of the year

On this eve, their eyes

are so very big

It is really hard

to get them to go to bed

And when they awaken

to fruit, candy and toys

There sure are some happy

little girls and boys

Amanda Joy

July 28, 1992