Common Sense Considerations

This article, as the title says, is about common sense considerations in different areas of everyday life. My goal is to cover as many as I can remember from when I was a child and my Mother was instilling these in me, as well as ones that have come into practice in today’s society. Of necessity, this has the potential of ending up to be a pretty long article. Hopefully some happy memories will come back to some of my readers when they realize that they were not the only ones being taught these when they were a child.


Always say Please and Thank You, as well as, No Thank You, if you don’t want something being offered to you. As a general rule, when I say, No Thank You, I always add, “But thank You for the consideration(or offer).” Most people appreciate being told thank you for being considerate even if they did not actually do anything for you. Whenever I get off of a bus, out of a cab, or leave a place where someone has done a service for me, I say “Thank You and have a nice day.”

I was taught to be nice to my elders and to be considerate of them. If an elder person was to get on the bus, and there were no more seats, then I was to get up and offer my seat to them. It didn’t matter whether it was a man or a woman, I was to offer them my seat.

You are not to talk back to or sass any grown up if you are a child. You are not to interrupt them when they are talking either, and that goes for when they are on the phone too.  You are to come when called, or pay the consequences (and the longer it takes you to get there, the consequences are greater). You always let grown ups go first.

When you have done something wrong, always say, “I’m sorry.”, and be ready to take the consequences. If you have broken something of someone else’s, admit to it, apologize for it, and ask where to go to replace it, if it can be replaced. If it can’t be replaced, then ask what if anything you can do to make amends for the accident.

When you take something out to use, always put it back where you got it from when you are done with it. If you used it all up, and it wasn’t yours, then inform the owner that you used up whatever the item was. If the package is one that may be refilled, then ask where to obtain the refill for it, and then refill it. If it cannot be refilled, then throw away the container the item was in unless the item is recyclable. If it is recyclable, then put it in the proper recyclable bin or container.

When you are eating, if you make a mess, then clean it up right then if necessary, or at least after you have finished eating. In other words, DON’T LEAVE A MESS FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO CLEAN UP!, unless you are physically unable to clean it up yourself. In that case, not cleaning up after yourself is perfectly understandable.

If you get something dirty, then offer to clean it yourself or to have it cleaned. This is especially true if you spill something on carpet or upholstered furniture. If it is on a tile or linoleum floor, then offer to mop it up.

When you have to use the restroom, always put the towel back after drying you hands when you wash them. Don’t just leave the wet towel lying around where it can mold if it is not found. This goes for after you take a bath or a shower if you are staying the night or a few nights at a friend’s house. And when you wake up and get out of bed, ALWAYS MAKE UP THE BED. Don’t leave the bedroom in a mess. You are not staying with a bunch of pigs in a farmyard.

When you are outside or in a vehicle, PLEASE do not little. In a vehicle, find a bag from somewhere and put the trash in it. If you are outside, and do not see a trashcan anywhere, then, just hold it until you either see a trashcan, or you get back to your own house. Seeing litter all over the place makes a community or town look really bad and dirty. It makes other people think nobody cares about the area.


For Those In A Multiple Person Household – Some Other Considerations

The above considerations apply, no matter if you live alone or with other people. Just if you live with other people, then here are even more considerations to adhere to or abide by.

If you are using food out of a jar, always clean around the top of the jar before you put the lid back on the jar, and clean out the lid if it’s messy too. That way nobody can blame you for messing it up.

If you are getting bread out of the loaf of bread, be careful not to squish the bread or break up the slices of bread that are left in the wrapper. Always close up the wrapper, being careful not to destroy the end piece by breaking it up of closing it up in the twist tie when you are done. If it is in a bread container, be sure the container is closed all the way.

When you get something out of the freezer or refrigerator, always make sure that the door closes all the way. When opening packages of meat or cheese, always be sure that the package is re-closed before putting it back in the refrigerator. That is that the zipper packages are zipped back up, and the things with lids on them, that the lids are closed all the way. That way no air will get in and spoil the food.

If you clean up the kitchen after meals, make sure to wash the counters, wash behind the faucet, clean out the dishpan, and empty out the strainer that is in the sink into the trashcan. Never use the dish towel or dish rag to clean up the floor. Always use cleaning rags that are provided. Usually either special cleaning rags or torn up towels that rags have been made from. Sweep the floor and empty the dustpan into the trashcan. If the trashcan is full, then put out the trash, don’t let it run over and make a mess all over the floor. If the trash leaked into the bottom of the can, then wash out the trashcan and then dry it out before putting another trash bag in the trashcan.

Always squeeze the toothpaste tube from the bottom, and not from the middle. Make sure the top is clean and put the lid back on it. Clean the toothpaste up from around the sink, and any place else that it might have splashed when you were brushing your teeth. Always make sure that the water is not left running either in the sink, the shower, the tub, or the toilet. After bathing, clean up the shower or tub and hang up your towel(s) and wash cloth. Put your dirty clothes in the dirty clothes hamper, right side out, so they can be washed correctly and completely.

If you are a family member that shares a common hairbrush, always clean your hair out of the brush before you put the hairbrush back away. The same goes for the comb, if you use one of those too.

If you turn on a light when you enter a room, and when you leave the room there is no one else in the room, then turn the light back out when you leave.

Unless you are the one that sets the thermostat, always ask before changing the temperature that it is set on. And if you do change the temperature, then put it back where it was before you leave. The same goes for turning off a fan. If you turn off a fan for any reason, other than being asked to turn it off by the person using the fan, then turn it back on when you leave the room.

This is all that I can think of at the present time. I may think of some at a future date. If I do, and I update this post, then I will make a mention of it and suggest that you go back and re-read it, or at least pick up from this point.