Daily Journal December 16, 2012 Part 1

  • This needs to be shared over and over....!!!!!
    This needs to be shared over and over….!!!!!
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    • Mike Yogi Parker God is not allowed.. who could stop a creator? The reason there is so much violence is there is to much praying and not enough doing. We as Christians need to take a stand against guns.. against all violence.. and show love for all.. even the ones who scare you.
    • Bonnie Jean Hern If God had not been taken out of everything, then things would not be as bad as they are. My God is an awesome and loving God who protects his children.
    • Mike Yogi Parker If your God is awesome.. who could remove him?
    • Bonnie Jean Hern You may be able to remove God from tangible things, but not from a person’s heart or their belief!
    • Mike Yogi Parker Riddle me this.. God is in the church right? Then why all the abuse of children there? Why are women lower than men? I love God bit we are his hands and feet.. its up to us. God bless
    • Mike Yogi Parker God is everything.. no one can add or remove God was my point.
    • Bonnie Jean Hern That’s basically what I said. And no, one person cannot remove God. It was one person that started it and a lot of atheists joined in and were backed up by the government. The rest is history. But that was the big downfall of morale in humanity. And we have been going to shit in a basket ever since then.
    • Mike Yogi Parker Thats wrong actually.. God was inserted into things by humans. Remember Cain killing Abel? 4 people.. one murder. Humans rise.. then get caught up in this stupid religious dogma.. then decline. Im Christian and i don’t want God in schools.. many Christians God is different than mine. Remember killing all my Native Americans.. where was morality then? Its up to us.. not God to change.. God never changes.
    • Bonnie Jean Hern I’m sorry, but I am going to stop with all the pettiness. I was just trying to say how sorry I was for all that’s happened to those innocent people, especially the children. Have a nice day!!