Daily Journal December 29, 2012

I have been rereading many of my poems lately. I have decided that my copying some of them over to this blog is a good idea.  On days when I have been super busy and am too rattled, I will probably copy a poem or two for thought. Some are no brainers as to why I would copy them for others to read, others like the one for today, you may have to ponder about some.  Enough said, here is the one for today:



Silence is golden

Silence is deafening

And silence can be deadly too

Silence can be cherished

Silence can be praised

And silence can haunt through and through

Silence is mischief brewing

Silence is a concentrated thought

And silence can mean someone is blue

Silence can avoid an argument

Silence can destroy a home

And silence is a wall no one can get through

Silence can be calming

Silence can be frightening

What is silence to you?

Silence cannot be touched

Silence cannot be seen

So how can silence all of these things be and do?

Silence is mystical

Silence is magical

And silence is tormenting too

Silence can linger for a long time

Silence can be gone in a flash

What does silence mean to and do for you?

Bonnie Jean

February 24, 1990