Daily Journal February 15, 2013

This post will speak to all Christians about protecting themselves. Read it and decide for yourself how you feel about it.

What should a Christian’s view on protection be?
by Kyle M Babitt on Thursday, February 14, 2013 at 11:11pm ·

There has been a lot of talk about the 2nd amendment and protecting one’s self, as well as the differing views on firearms ownership as of late. It has also been a point of study for me lately. I have honestly, earnestly, and with a very open mind searched God, prayed, and studied his word concerning my own beliefs about firearms and carrying one as well. I grew up around guns. It was part of my personal culture as I grew up, and I truly never gave it a lot of thought until the last few weeks. The burning question that I have been asked by a few, and have truly considered, is “why carry a gun?” Or even more so, “why even own a gun?” my general response over the years was always “Why not?” I have always enjoyed target shooting, and even more so, have enjoyed quite a bit of hunting and the outdoors. Historically, as people settled our country, the whole issue of owning a firearm was numerous in its reasons. the main purpose was to provide food and sustenance for a family. A long rifle’s main purpose was primarily for hunting small, medium and even at times large game to provide meat, and to even use fur for trading and personal use. Often early settlers also carried pistols as a secondary weapon for defense against game and against the occasional bandits or non compliant folks that garnered ill will toward others. This is a point we will come back to. As society expanded, cities formed, and the move of the general population moved towards populated areas, and with the advent of modern refrigeration, grocers and the like, the need for a long gun for hunting was no longer necessary. As we read our history, though, this was not the main reason such arms were owned. the main reason that the second amendment, much to some people’s disagreement, was not about hunting. It was about the defense of our basic liberties and freedoms that needed to be defended and could only be defended, after the failure of diplomacy, in the language of war. This language, throughout history, has only been spoken through the use of weaponry, and it is the only language that tyranny and despotism will back down from. I am not getting political here though. I need to circle back around to a statement I made earlier…….”Those who garnered ill will towards others.” This is an unfortunate side effect. Of what you say? Our nature. this could not be more prevalent in a society that drips with entitlement. It is not about putting oneself second, but putting what a person wants first ahead of the protection, safety, and lively hood of anyone that stands in the way. Those who do not have? Sometimes they take. And they take at the expense of others lives, health, property and welfare. This nature? It is our sinfulness. This sinfulness drives people to take, steal, injure, even kill in the name of self. This searing thought burned into my mind as I studied this ideal. What has God blessed me with? A family, a wonderful wife, 3 amazing children, a home, property. It is my God given mandate to be a godly steward of such, and in that, being a steward of such, means I am also called to be a protector. I am an soft hearted person, and it would break my heart to ever have to hurt someone. But honestly? When thinking about anyone ever trying to hurt my family, friends, or loved ones, the soft hearted teddy bear kyle goes out the window, and is replace with a being of resolute nature and firm resolve that will use whatever tools at my disposal to break the resolve of someone who would bring ill will towards those mentioned. Is this an un-christian ideal? I think not. am I suddenly displaying behavior that is not christian in nature? No. Jesus is our ultimate example. his meekness is not to be mistaken for weakness. His tender heart and compassion should not be mistaken as a lack of strength of spirit. Jesus stood up to anyone who opposed the truth of His message. We often think of Jesus as thin, frail, stooped shoulders, quiet, soft voiced…….but yet he was not. He spoke with authority given by God almighty, the creator of the universe. In His hands the same power that hung the stars rested in the calloused palms of a carpenter. the voice that spoke the breath of life into all of creation was the same voice that spoke forgiveness, compassion and healing to those who longed for it.  One of my favorite stories of Jesus is when he fashioned a whip and drove the merchants from the temple. Why? Because for them to clear out, they had to see that he was a threat and could do some damage. If a frail, wimpy man came running at them, what would they have done? Laughed. But what did they do? Ran for the hills. What is meekness? Wimpyness? No. Power under control. Think of the gentle hands of a giant holding a baby duckling. the ability to do great harm is there, but it is not used. Why? Because it is not necessary. I know….god is my protector. He is my supplier. He is my provision, my rock, my faith, my strength, my everything. But he also gave me the means to protect myself, my family, and I intend to keep it. So in the end of this, I believe that God has given me a mandate as protector of my family, to use the means necessary to do so. And I shall.