Daily Journal January 26, 2013

This post is probably one of the more important ones to me.  Nothing has ever been the same since any form of religion was taken out of the schools, even down to the mention of the name Jesus in talking.  That was the start of our biggest moral downfall ever.  Madeline O’Hare apologized on her death bed for having been responsible for it happening in the first place.  Sadly she was too late.  The damage had been done.  If only it was possible to undo or reverse it, maybe things would turn around.

When religion was removed from the schools, it was removed from a lot of homes also.  That was about the time that businesses stopped being loyal to their employees, and they started only paying attention to the bottom line of the business, PROFIT!  They started lowering the fringe benefits, or removing them all together by hiring two part time people to take the place of the longest standing employees that were making the most money and had the best benefits.  They also started changing everybody’s retirement benefits, and employees had to work longer to be eligible to participate in the retirement program.  The next thing you know, BIG BUSINESSES that had been in businesses for many many years STARTED SHUTTING DOWN, and thousands upon thousands of employees lost their jobs.

Read this that I copied from facebook, and then let me know how you feel about it.  If only this could and then would happen, then maybe things would start to straighten up around the country.  I don’t know, but I try to always be an optimist.  My success rate isn’t good on the optimistic thing actually happening, but at least I consider that it might happen.

When I think back on my childhood and how it was at school, I am saddened to see how things are today. When I was in school, the worst that usually happened was guys getting into fist fights, and once in a while someone would get stabbed by a pocket knife.  In class there were cutups and the usual gum chewers, along with a few spit ball shooters.

I like this version of Mary Had A Little Lamb with the outcome at the end if it will only come true.


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