Dreams And Hopes


You have to have dreams and you have to have hopes,

If you want to continue to live.

Because if you don’t have both of these,

For all intents and purposes you are dead.

Friends and family play a big role,

If these two things you are to have.

You won’t have a life that is whole,

Nor dreams and hopes will you have.

If your friends and family always put you down,

Or never boost you up,

Then to you this thing called life,

Will be a bitter bitter cup.

I know that circumstances

Your life do not control.

But always having bad ones

Don’t help you, the grip on life to keep hold.

Your dreams and hopes can be shattered

Only a certain number of times,

Before on dreams and hopes

You stop holding tight to the line.

There comes a time in everyone’s life,

When anything else bad they cannot take.

They’ve gotten it all back together so many times,

One more time they just could not make.

It isn’t that they are unwilling to try,

It’s just that their will, their hope and their dreams

Have all at the same time run dry.

                    January 16, 1989