Easy Hacks For Your Hair


To get moisture out of your wet hair, just pat it with a towel.

Gently pat your hair with your towel to get out extra moisture,when you first get out of the shower. Rubbing your hair with the towel just leads to frizzy hair.


 Use a toothbrush and hairspray to tame frizz.

To keep your hair from being fizzy, you have to do a balancing act with your hairspray. If you don’t use enough it won’t do anything so far as holding your hair in place. If you use too much spray, you’ll end up with very stiff hair. To get just enough hair spray, use an old toothbrush. By doing this, you will get just the right amount of hair spray to tame frizz. After spraying the toothbrush just run it over the pesky strands that won’t behave. Your hair will be held in place without turning it into a helmet.

Curl your hair by starting in the middle of it .

When using a curling iron, you need to start at the middle of your section of hair. Don’t start at the ends, like most women and girls do. Your hair will stay wavy longer.


Apply hairspray using your hands.

Don’t just spray your hair with reckless abandon. Spray some hairspray on your hands first and then run them through your hair to fight unruly hair. This will eliminate getting an overly stiff look.

Before you go to bed, use dry shampoo to clean it.

When you know that you won’t have time to wash your hair in the morning, don’t worry. All you need to do is to apply dry shampoo to your hair right before you go to bed. While you are sleeping, the shampoo will be working itself into your hair. You will wake up with clean   hair in the morning.


Use the two ponytail trick to put more volume in your hair.

Want your hair to look longer and fuller?  Put the top half in a ponytail, gather the bottom half of your hair and put it into a lower ponytail. Afterwards you will have two ponytails, one on top of the other. The lower hair tie will be hidden by the top ponytail. The results will make it look like you have one long, high ponytail.


For curls in the morning, braid your hair wet .

By braiding your hair after your shower at night (either with a series of small braids or one French braid, depending on your hair type and desired style) you can avoid using a hair dryer or curlers. Leave the braids in while you sleep. After you wake up and get dressed, undo the braids. Use some hair spray to spritz the resulting waves. Then just scrunch with your hands to get bouncy waves.


Use hairspray to keep your bobby pins in place. 

For those of you that have straight hair and bobby pins won’t stay put, just spread out your bobby pins on a towel and spray them with either dry shampoo or hairspray . To evenly distribute the hairspray or dry shampoo on your bobby pins, carefully pick up the towel by the corners and shake it a bit. Rest easy knowing the bobby pins won’t slip out after you style your hair and place them in it.


You can get volume overnight.

When you want to get a voluminous look, wash your hair before you go to bed and add a little volumizing gel. Then twist it up into a bun on top of your head. If you’re worried about your hair being frizzy you can wear a beanie over your hair. When you wake up in the morning, blow dry your hair for a couple minutes, while it is still in the bun. You’re done, so now let your bouncy hair down.


To get curls, flat iron your braids .

When you don’t have time to intricately curl your straight hair, separate your hair into six or so sections and braid it. Then heat the braids with a flat iron. When you undo the braids, you will have curly hair. Voilà, you’ve done it.