Electrical Cord Management

The first two pictures, and the last picture, are not mine. The other three are mine. I did a query on Google to find the ones that are not mine. I do not know who took them. The hack is mine.


If you have a problem with electrical computer cords getting all tangled up after they come out of the box they came in, I may have a solution for you. As I am sick a lot and have a lot of medical problems period, I have to take a lot of medicine. For whatever reason, when  I got finished with the medicine that I was taking, I started taking the labels off of the bottles, and just keeping  them all together in one place. Then I thought about all those bottles and all of the cords I have with my computer. After folding up one cord and trying to put it in one of the bigger medicine bottles, I found that to my surprise, it worked. Next I started using the medicine bottles for different cords, and now I am so organized, that I almost pass out from the shock of it!

bottles for medicine - smallbottles for meds

As you can see, there are many different types and shapes of medicine bottles and they will accommodate many different sizes of cords. About the only one that cannot be used,   in the picture to the left is the first one on the left. If you put a cord into it, it would be very difficult to get it back out again. Of the straight bottles, about the only one that cannot be used is the bottle that is so narrow that you can barely get your index finger into the bottle. I don’t think that there are any cords out there that would fit into one of those little bottles. And even if you could get the cord into the bottle, you would have a difficult time getting it back out, if you could even get it out period. The really small one, in the picture, is probably good for small cords such as the one that comes with most smart phones, and for ear plugs that go with the phone. The picture to the right is more to show that there is a really tall bottle available, even though some people may never have a large enough quantity or pill size to have to use such a tall bottle.

2015-11-15 19.42.31

What size opening you need depends on how big the biggest plug end is. The iphone plug is a wide one and has to be handled very delicately. The big plug end will fit into the wide mouth bottles, and the medium mouth bottles. You have to be very careful when putting the rest of the cord into the medium mouth bottles though, as well as when you pull it back out. You don’t want to get the big plug end caught in a bind and pull it loose from the cord.

I have a Samsung S III smart phone. As you can see in the pictures, I not only fit the cord in the medicine bottle, I also fit the plug adapter and an extension cord for the phone cord as well. I have to use the extension cord every time I have to go to the ER or when I have to be admitted to the hospital. The cord that comes with the phone is not long enough to reach the plug-in form the hospital bed without the extension cord.

2015-11-15 19.45.432015-11-15 19.48.09

These will work for any electrical cords. They don’t just have to be computer cords. Also, you don’t have to use medicine bottles, you can use empty toilet tissue rolls. Before I was given my computer for Christmas, this past year, all I used was toilet tissue rolls to organize the electrical cords. As a matter of fact, I still have one on my blender cord.

If however, you have huge electrical extension cords, and outside lights with large cords, you will probably have to purchase the holders that are especially made for them. I don’t know of any hacks that will accommodate the large extension cords or lights with large cords. The holders that I have bought and seen, have cut outs to hold both plug ends of the extension cord. Some even rotate as the cord is being pulled out, and there is a knob to roll them back up.

cord holder