Everybody Is Weird In Some Way Or Another



The picture was from Minions Fans‘s photo.

Special Needs Children - Minion's Fans Photo
No, kids with special needs are not weird or odd. They have not lived long enough to get either one of those traits. Most children are sweet and innocent. Any children that are “different” are only differently abled. It is the few bad apples (that are also called bullies), so to speak, that think that and call these very special children weird or odd.
You can ask most any parent of a special child and they will tell you that their child is a blessing. God doesn’t make mistakes. He sends these very special children to just the right parents that have the extra love and understanding to appreciate these special little angels. Further more, it is a proven fact that every special child has at least one area in which they are a genius. This is true whether it be in singing, playing piano, art, math,and so on. These geniuses can actually put other people to shame when the other people are “tested so to speak” side by side. I have seen many programs attesting to this fact.
A good friend of mine is one of these special people. He was born in Moscow, Russia on July 6, 1987. On June 5, 1994 he was adopted by a couple from Chicago, Illinois. His name is Vladimir Krasvine Stafford, and he was born with arthrogryposis. This is a very rare (1 in 350,000 babies are born with it) birth defect where some or all of the joints are involved. It is not known whether or not the condition is congenital. In Vladimir’s case, his elbows, hands, fingers, knees and feet were affected. His elbows don’t bend, his hands are turned inwards in a clubbed form, his knees don’t bend, and his feet were turned inwards. At the age of 12 both of his feet had to be amputated, so Vlad now has two prosthetic legs from the knees down, and as a result is totally wheelchair bound. Most people would look at Vladimir and wonder what in the world he could possibly do? Nothing, would be their answer, and they couldn’t be further from the truth. At first glance, when you see his extremities, your first thought is that none of his extremities work. It is true that most of his extremities don’t work, but he is one of those very inspirational people, and he capitalizes on what does work. His mind is so sharp, he is a genius, and he can use his fingers in a very constructive way. He fixes computers, and has even built many of them from the bottom up, so to speak. He designs websites and hosts them for a living. Surprisingly, he does all of his own typing. He doesn’t use any kind of “speak for the computer to do the typing” kind of program either. Looking at some of the websites he has designed will make you almost lose your breath, and you will obviously see what I mean. The man is brilliant.
Watch the video, (as soon as Vlad can upload it, he is very busy with Rilex Technologies, his tech company for all kinds of computer technology services) of still shots from his childhood years and see his progression. He won many awards in school for his grades, his scholastic achievements, and his culinary skills. Yes, you read that correctly, his culinary skills. The man is a great cook and dreams of one day owning a restaurant. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he will see his dream come true some day.
If the truth be known, ALL OF US have something that could be considered “weird or odd” about us. And the older we get the more weird and odd we become to other people, because we get so set in our ways. The plain fact is that people need to be more tolerant of each other. When you come across someone that is special and different from you, just think about how you would like for others to treat you and treat the other person that same way.