Everything Has Pros and Cons – It’s All In The Perception

This picture is a classic example of a person’s perception.

A half-empty glass of water

You probably already know the question, “Is the glass half full of water, or is it half empty?” A positive or optimistic person will answer that it is half full of water. A negative or pessimistic person will answer that it is half empty. It’s all in the perception of the person looking at the picture.

I have been crocheting some things for different charities, but none of them has turned out correctly.You can see in the picture below that the corners are curling up. I have reacted in different ways at different times. The first reaction has been getting depressed and feeling like I am nothing more than a failure. I cannot crochet a block that will lay flat. Needless to say I will not mail the blocks that I crocheted when they won’t even lay flat. If they were put into a blanket, the curling up blocks would cause the blanket to have strange bulges in it. But then I realized that they could be used to put hot food on the table on them so as not to ruin the table. In other words they will work just fine as hot pads on the table, so I’m not a failure after all.

2015-12-09 20.18.41

Next thing I did was to crochet a red scarf for Foster Care To Success Red Scarf  Project. I thought that it was going just fine until I finished it and folded it up. Come to find out one end is bigger than the other end. That means that my stitches are not uniform in size or tension. Tension is the tightness or looseness of the crocheted item, meaning that the smaller end has tighter tension on the stitches, and the larger end has looser tension on the stitches. You can see in the picture below that the left side is wider than the right side, and the stitches on the right side are closer together than the stitches on the left side are.

2015-12-14 03.42.33

Since the scarf is bigger at one end than at the other end, I don’t know if it will pass inspection to be able to be given to one of the children. I wrote a letter to the Foster Care To Success Red Scarf  Project  and explained about the scarf. I explained that I have diabetic neuropathy in all of my extremities and am therefore unable to tell how tight or loose I am holding anything. After explaining that, I went on to say that if by chance the scarf did not pass inspection to be able to be given to one of the children, then to “give it to a homeless person. It would be a shame for it to not be used when it gets cold.” I then told myself that whether or not it went to a child, it would at least go to a homeless person. That being the case, I did not fail. Someone is going to be warmer this year because I cared enough to crochet a red scarf.

My next concern was about feeling stigmatized by having the RED SCARF. It would point out that the child was in foster care and it may open up a can of bullying worms toward the child. My next thought was one of pride. I was chosen to receive a red scarf. Someone is thinking about me. I must be special.

Hopefully, it is clear that how we react to a situation is all dependent on our perception and whether or not we class it as a Pro or a Con. Just think about it ithe next time something upsets you.