Explaining The bjhelp.com Site


          This site was started early in 2012 for the purpose of what it’s name says, to help others.  There are various topics that would lend well for help advice and as many ways that this objective can be reached.  Personal experience is the main one that I am going to rely on, although at times I will use the experiences of others known personally to myself, as well as ones that I come across in my reading.

  The bjhelp.com web site was set up to help people in several different areas.  Some  of these areas are; miscellaneous, medical, household and kitchen.  I report on both things I have experienced, and things that I have either heard about or seen and/or read about myself.  When it is something I have experienced myself, I will even tell the name brands that I used to get the result that I am reporting on.

          In the site I have given advice on how to make an extra counter top in the kitchen, how to make a chest of drawers with individual pull out storage containers and wood, and things relating to my personal medical experiences.  There is probably something for everyone somewhere in the site if one looks hard enough for it.  But the only way to tell is by visiting the site to find out.