Explaining The bjpoems.com Site

Explaining The bjpoems.com Site

          B J Poems com Web Site

          The B J Poems web site was created to write various poems and to copy different things that I see elsewhere that I think are uplifting.  I want people to feel good after they read my poems and/or see the videos that I have copied to my site.  In 1969 I started writing my poetry seriously.  Before then I only wrote poems now and then to a few people.

I really do believe some of my ability came from my family lineage, as I am kin to Edgar Allan Poe.  The majority of my ability to write poetry came from God, and I thank Him every day for it.

          This site is basically full of different types of poetry from appreciative poems, to poems of encouragement, to memorial poems, and some delightful videos mixed in.

          Here is where I give back to God from the gift of poetic ability, to my ministry to other people using my gift.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t thank God for my gift.  My only hope is that my gift back to Him is truly a help and a ministry to others.

          The only way to decide if this site is a gift and a ministry is to visit it some time. You may take as long as you like, or just skim through it, whichever is your pleasure.  In other words, enjoy it at your leisure and visit as many times as you like.  More poems are added periodically.