Extra Counter Space

If you are one of those people like I was, living in a small apartment with very little room for anything, then you know where I am coming from. The counter space was very limited. Well, I will tell you what I did. First I measured the only space where I could put a board to use it for a counter, THE STOVE.

You will need to measure the stove top from front to back and side to side. What you are actually going to be doing is covering up your stove top burners. As this is probably the only space where you might be able to get some extra counter space by using a board on top of it. After measuring and having the board cut to size, to make the board look more presentable than just a board, I covered it with wood grain looking contact paper. Once this is done, you have another counter top. DON’T FORGET TO TAKE THE BOARD OFF BEFORE YOU USE THE STOVE OR OVEN!!! YOU WILL CAUSE A MAJOR FIRE IF YOU FORGET!!! Also , let the stove and oven cool down completely before putting the board back on top of the stove.

This is a picture of the actual board that I covered to make the “extra counter space” using the stove in my other apartment as the base for the “extra counter space”. The board is a 24 inch square piece of wood. You can see that the board is not large enough to cover this particular stove, but it fit the stove in my other apartment just perfect.

2015-11-22 02.57.49

The most important thing to remember, once you have the board ready to put it on the stove top is, don’t turn the stove or oven on without first removing the board and putting it some place else that is safe from harm. Even if you are not using the stove, but are using the oven, there is a vent in one of the burners that lets excess heat out of the oven. If you cover that vent up, it could cause a fire. Then, in between times of using the stove or oven, you have more counter space. Since I have had to have my stove shut off, I have the extra counter space all the time. If it weren’t for that board, I would have a counter top about seventeen inches by twelve inches, and that’s pretty small.