Finally Back In Operation

It has been since the end of May that I posted my last blog here. I have had too many things happen to discuss at this time. There have been medical issues on my part, being out of state helping to take cake of my Mother, while my sister and brother-in law went on a trip, and major problems with my laptop that resulted in having to let it be discarded.

My friend tried many times, unsuccessfully, to fix my laptop. It would work for a few days, and then start acting up again. I had to admit that it was unable to be fixed, because if my friend can’t fix it, it can’t be fixed. He is a genius when it comes to fixing computers.

That same friend is loaning me a laptop until I can save up the money to have a custom desktop built. Once the desktop is built, it will be easier to fix if anything happens to it. Each component is separate and can be replaced very easily. Laptops are hard to work on because everything is connected to the motherboard. When there is a short anywhere, it’s very hard to find, and obviously even harder to fix.

Enough said. I am back, and this is hopefully the last new beginning I will have to do.