Freedom Isn’t Free

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There are many many people that take freedom for granted. They were born into a free nation and just figure that it has always been that way, and  will always be that way in the future.

I am constantly surprised by the number of people that do not respect or appreciate our veterans. Apparently they have never paid attention to any articles, conversations, news broadcasts or anything else that has to do with our veterans.

As for myself, I have always said and posted about our veterans. I try to always let it be known that I appreciate our service people always being willing at a moments notice to defend our rights and our freedom while protecting our safety. The way I put it is this: “Even though I do not know your name, thank you for your willingness to give your life to keep America free, and for those that did give their life, Thank you for giving the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and safety. You are appreciated and loved, and will never be forgotten.”

It is unconscionable how our veterans are treated when they return from service. I cannot imagine how a veteran feels when he/she gets home from their service to our nation, only to find out that their house has been foreclosed on and they are now homeless. It is hard to accept that a serviceman/servicewoman, living on base with their family, has to receive food stamps in order to be able to feed their family. These men/women were willing to give their life for our freedom and safety, and cannot even afford to feed their family on the money that they receive while serving our country.

I know I have repeated myself several times, but what I am saying needs to sink in to the forces that be. Not that they will be aware of what I have said here. I don’t think that it will ever even happen, but I feel that I have to keep saying it every chance I get. Sort of a like the squeaky wheel gets the oil, I’m being the squeaky wheel.