Future Plans For Mamma Hen Website

As I have been through a lot of different situations medically, I feel like I just may be able to help others by writing about them here.  I know in many of the things that I have been through, I always felt better just knowing that I was not the only one that had had that particular medical problem.  When you are going through something and feel like you are all alone, it helps being able to find out how other people have handled the particular thing you are going through.  Sort of like when women with children get together and talk about their different birth experiences.  This is especially true of first time Moms wanting to talk to someone that has been through what they are getting ready to go through.

I plan on trying to focus on one medical problem at a time with each of my personal blogs. I will continue to copy and paste different articles and/or information of interest that other people post on Facebook. My goal is to try to go into as much detail as I can with each post. That way anybody that reads it will have basic knowledge of how at least one other person handled going through what they are going through.  The future posts will be titled with the particular medical problem that I am going to tackle for that day. On a few of the medical conditions that require only one paragraph to describe, I will probably post more than one condition on that day.  The way I will decide is by going down my extensive list of medical problems and pick out ones that I feel other people will benefit from by knowing the experience someone else had with the same medical condition.

This post I am going to write about two similar sounding medical conditions that don’t have very many side effects to them:  vitiligo and vertigo.

Many people have probably heard of vertigo. This condition is where a person is unable to handle heights. If they go to high floors in buildings, and can see out, they may become very anxious and even have an anxiety attack. The anxiety may also produce excessive perspiration.   Usually there is much dizziness involved, possible nausea, and the person may even pass out, especially  if by chance they are hyperventilating. For some people, taking motion sickness medicine will help with the dizziness and nausea.  Other people may have it severe enough that they will need prescription strength medicine. For myself, when it starts getting really bad, I take dicyclomine.

The medical condition of vitiligo is fairly innocuous so far as side effects go.  The only two side effects that I have are a lack of pigment (coloration) in different areas on my skin, and slight excessive pigmentation in other areas on my skin.  About the only thing I do for it is self talk that I am the way God wanted me to be, and try not to listen to what other people say. But then mine is not very bad or noticeable.  The main place I have mine is under my arms, and it only shows when I’m inside with a sleeveless top on.  Since I very seldom wear sleeveless tops, and when I go outside, I have to wear long sleeves, it’s seldom a problem.  From what I have read and seen on TV, there are cosmetics that can be worn to cover up the areas if a person is really self conscious and uncomfortable with the areas showing.