Girl Being Bullied Needs Help To Make Bulling Stop


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    Who supports this woman ? — with Raquel Lualhati.
    Who supports this woman ?
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    • Dee MaciagStop bullying its cowardly and wrong to hurt people get a life of your own sad b. ds
    • Jenny ArayaI have five kids i had one of my children bully is not nice is terrible for the mother too i support 100percent
    • Bonnie Jean HernThe bullies need to be kicked out of school, or reprimanded in some way or another. There’s nothing worse that going to school and being bullied by classmates or other students. The bullies need to be taught a lesson some way or another. I’ve read stories on how the rest of the school, one by one helped out a boy who always wore pink to school in memory of his deceased Mother(from breast cancer). And he was being bullied by a group of older school kids. Another student didn’t like what was going on and called his friends and told them on a certain day to wear pink t-shirts and to call all the students they know and tell them the same thing. It was planned about a week in advance, and it got around to the principal what was going to be done, and I think the principal and teachers all went in on it too. I’m not sure, but I know there were a swarm of pink t-shirts that day and the bullies were embarrassed that they were the only students not wearing the shirts so they were the odd ones that day. They never bullied the other student again. Is there any way to get that to happen in this situation? I don’t know what the particulars are about it so that little story is about all that I can do, besides pray for her.