Homemade Piggybanks

If you want to do something fun with your children, here is an idea. You will need an empty cocoa, or chocolate powder, to mix in milk, container or containers. If you have more than one child, it will probably be a good idea to get the mixes for chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry in both Nestle’s and Kraft containers.


Nesquick Containercocoa hershey (1)

The Nestle’s containers are yellow and the Kraft containers are brown, or at least they were 20 years ago when I first made some of these banks for some children I knew. The containers are rectangular, measuring about three inches from front to back and about four inches from side to side, with rounded corners, and stand about six inches high. The name is usually embossed on the lid in a rectangle that is about one inch tall by two inches wide. The triangle with the name on it is going to be your template of where to cut. With a box cutter, or an x-acto knife follow the line around the triangle that has the name in it. Be very careful not to cut yourself, and by no means let the child(ren) do the cutting. At an arts and crafts store, or in the arts and crafts section of stores like Wal Mart there are usually foam shapes that can or not have adhesive on the back of them. These can be used by you and/or the children to decorate the banks when tha cutting out of the hole in the lid is complete. And these banks don’t break when they are dropped. The lids however may come off. The most important thing to remember is to have fun doing it.