I Am Finally Back – October 16, 2019

I know I have been gone for a long time, and I’m sorry. But I’m am going to try to come back slowly so as not to get over whelmed at the start.

I had decided that my main job was to crochet scarves for homeless people, as I was having a hard time accepting my declining health. Apparently trying to ignore various aches and pains was not the correct thing to do. My arms and shoulders were hurting a lot, so I just shrugged it off as my diabetic neuropathy acting up. By the time that I finally saw a doctor, he felt it was necessary to have a MRI of both shoulders. The results showed that both of my rotator cuffs needed to be surgically repaired. As I could not let myself think about surgery, I turned to the crocheting. In December of 2016, 2017, and 2018, my friend and I distributed the scarves to the homeless, around the downtown area, that we would see. Most of them cried, some of them hugged us and others did not want anything to do with us.

I finally could not wait any longer to have the surgery on my right shoulder. On April 12, 2018 I had a total right shoulder replacement. I was transferred to a rehabilitation hospital from April 17, until June 4, 2018. Then on June 4, 2018. I was transferred from the rehabilitation hospital to a nursing home/rehabilitation center. I was there until July 31, 2018. I came home on Tuesday, July 31, 2018 and home health started coming to my house, and I did the necessary paper work to qualify for Medicaid to be added to my Medicare that I have had since becoming disabled in March of 1990, and losing a permanent full time job and a permanent part-time job both on June 9, 1990. That process allowed me to have a care giver to come to my house and help me with whatever activities of daily living (ADLs) that I am unable to do by myself. I am currently waiting to have my artificial bladder replaced, and my left shoulder to be done. Hopefully the left shoulder will be just a rotator cuff repair and not a complete shoulder replacement like was done on my right shoulder.

Luckily I had already finished 40 scarves for the homeless. The last one being the day before my surgery. As I was not able to go out with my friend to pass them out, I ended up giving some to the homeless, donating some to my Church, and donating the rest to the Chrysalis House. I have not been able to do the crocheting as well as I had before due to my left shoulder giving me trouble, but I am plugging along. I hope to have at least a dozen done by December.

My goal for doing posts on this blog will start out at three per week, since I am also going to be trying to do the scarves. I only ask that you please be patient with me. I try not to talk about all of my health issues very much, but I felt that my followers had a right to know what happened for my posts to all of a sudden stopped.