Kitchen Cabinet Storage Boxes

The kitchen cabinet storage boxes are simple to make, yet help keep the cabinets in order.  To make these, you will need wood grain looking contact paper, and an empty Ramen  Noodle Soup box, that the twelve little individual packs came in.

The contact paper has lines on the wrong side of it to help with measuring and cutting the paper.  Always allow about three inches above any side of the box before starting to flip it during the measuring process.  Measure approximately how much of the contact paper you will need by placing the box on the wrong side of the contact paper, and on its own side.  Next you will flip the box from one side, and while pressing hard on the box, so that it doesn’t move, flip the box to the bottom of the box, and while pressing hard again, flip the box to it’s last side.  Each time that the box is flipped, make a slight mark on the paper as to where the box ended up that time.

2015-11-15 17.23.46

After measuring, cut the paper on the lines that were at the edge of the box.  There should be flaps on all four sides.  To finish the job, just very carefully and slowly press the contact paper on the box like you were wrapping a gift for someone.  Once you are finished covering the box, it is ready for duty in the cabinet.  These boxes are handy for mixes, items that are in paper bags and therefore do not stack very well, and small lids that might otherwise get lost in the cabinet .