Medical Update From July 1, 2014

I saw my primary care today, and a lot of things were discussed. She ordered a lot of blood work for tomorrow, because I have to be fasting. During the discussion the following things came up: the diffusion in my lungs is low making not enough oxygen go to my blood stream, so I have to have a CT Scan of my lungs; the problems I’m having with my bladder could be an indication that my kidneys are failing, the blood test will give her the answer;  since I had a problem with seizures on Saturday, I have to start back on my anti-seizure medication and get an appointment with the neurologist; for the last three weeks, every few days I have been passing blood when I have a BM, that means that I have to get an appointment with gastroenterologist to have an endoscopy and a colonoscopy done under sedation, to see where the blood is coming from and he will do them both on the same day; as the urologist will do IV antibiotics at home for a couple of weeks before my bladder surgery and for a week or two after the surgery, the port in my chest will stay in for the time being; as I am overweight and diabetic, I have to see a diabetic weight loss nutritionist to help me with my weight loss so I can have the surgery, I have to get from 241 down to 200 before they will do it. That’s enough things to keep anybody busy for a long time and seeing a lot of specialists. Sometimes I get so tired of being sick and having to see so many doctors and take so much medicine. But I usually try to stay upbeat about it. Even though I have to stay near to the University Of Kentucky Hospital where most of my doctors are. They know my extensive medical history and what to do in any emergency that might come up, whether it be a ruptured artificial bladder, a seizure, or another heart attack. I have to be rushed to the hospital so much, even the ambulance drivers know who I am and most of my medical problems. And that’s saying a lot, because I have a lot of medical problems.