My Story

I have had an artificial bladder for going on twelve years now. During that time there have been things that I have discovered that help me with the day to day, so call it maintenance of the bladder. One of the first things that I did was to figure out how to cover up the drainage bag. I decided that the best way to cover it up was to use a cloth bag with handles on it. That way I could use a belt to keep the cloth bag around my waist so that people didn’t have to look at it.

With having an indwelling catheter all the time, I discovered that there was leakage around it, and furthermore, the leakage was irritating my skin. To keep from being irritated I started using 5″ x 9″ ABD pads around the catheter. I put one under the catheter and one on top of it, then I put a depends on top of both of them to keep them in place.