Natural Miracle Medicines And Treatments

There are many natural ingredients that are being re-discovered in this day and time. These are remedies that have been around for many many years. Our grandparents and their grandparents before them used these to treat all ails that befell their families.

With the coming of the internet and numerous medical websites as well as individual nature enthusiasts, many of these “miracle cures” are resurfacing now. Not a week goes by that different people are not sharing posts on Facebook about these “old miracle cures”. I will list some of the different miracle ingredients or items, whichever you want to call them, that have been posted lately. In the next few days to couple of weeks I will try to find the original posts on as many of these items as I can and copy them for you to be able to read about them the same as I did. Like I know that the coconut oil has numerous things that it can be used for, and some of them are medical, while some of them are not medical but just everyday life hacks and cooking secrets. I will try to find that one next. I have already copied one about Hydrogen Peroxide that you can read.

The list is extensive. Here goes what of it that I can remember, but it is nowhere near the list that I have read. Needless to say, being a senior citizen, my memory isn’t what it used to be. As you get older, the memory seems to be the first thing that you lose.

hydrogen peroxide

honey and lemon – are the two ingredients that are mentioned, but I add a cough drop to mine when I am fixing hot tea for a sore throat. It actually soothes really well.


coconut oil

olive oil – one strange life hack that I remember is being able to use olive oil on sticky glue residue from labels to clean it off of the surface it is on. For example, the plastic containers that are reusable for left overs, but you want to remove the stickers from the containers. Once the stickers are removed, they leave a sticky residue on them. All you have to do is put a small amount of olive oil on the residue (just enough to cover the sticky area) and leave it for a few hours. Oil won’t dry out, so it keeps on saturating the residue and making it easy to rub off with an old rag. Then all you have to do is wash it is warm soapy dish water and you have another storage container.

baking soda

baking powder


Vicks Vaporub – I read that if you put it on your toenails when you have some type of fungus infection, then after doing this for two weeks, the fungus is supposed to clear up.

apple cinnamon water

As I was looking through my copied posts to find the ones about the natural ingredients that are being re-discovered in this day and time, I came across another one on Hydrogen Peroxide. Strangely enough, these two articles have different things mentioned in them. Some of them may be the same, but the one titled “Hydrogen Peroxide Magic” has many more uses mentioned in it than the “Hydrogen Peroxide – Medical Miracle” article does.

I hope that you will find these copied articles as helpful as I have. Please leave  comments if you may wish to do so.