New Furry Babies Born

The new litter of guinea pigs has arrived, today, June 18, 2014, and boosted our family by five new additions. They range in size from 2.5 ounces to 4 ounces, and in length from 3.5 inches to 6 inches. There were 2 American short hairs, one girl that is black and white just like her Mommie, and a boy that is white and brown. The boy is the runt weighing in at only 2.5 ounces, and the girl weighed 3 ounces. There were three Abyssinian babies. One was a girl marked almost just like her Daddy and weighing 4 ounces. The other two were obviously boys, and they both weighed 4 ounces each and are twins. They are both brown and white. We can tell them apart by their left sides, as one has a white patch on his left side and the other one has a white foot on his left side.  All of them are as cute as they can be. They were born in the morning around 10:30.

That brings the baby guinea pig total to 7 and the other guinea pigs number 6, for a grand total of 13 guinea pigs. The babies are only 5 days apart. You wouldn’t think there would be very much difference in their sizes in just 5 days, but the difference is amazing.  All of the guinea pigs are doing fine except for the little runt. His name is Tiny Tim, and already has a buyer wanting him. We have to get him stable first though. The first day he will gained .5 ounce and then lost it the next, and gain 1 ounce the day, and lost .5 ounce the next. We are having to take the three biggest ones out and put them in a basket, and leave the two smallest ones with the mother so she will nurse the little one. After trying to get the Mama to nurse just the runt, and her not doing it because she wanted to get back to the other four, we tried the two at a time out, and it worked. So now we are going to do that three times a day. Every day we weigh the littlest one to check on his progress. If by chance he doesn’t keep gaining weight, we may have to start feeding him with a baby animal bottle or an eye dropper and kitten milk. But we don’t mind it if it is what we need to do to keep him alive.


PLEASE NOTE: Today is actually July 10, 2014, and I am just now posting it. I had this article in draft , to make sure it was correct, and just realized it, so I posted it. I am so sorry for this blunder on my part.

I am going to keep the black and white one, and call her Panda. Her Mama’s name is penny. I an have her after she is one month old. That is when we will take them away from their Mama and separate the girls and boys. Believe it or not, but they can actually reproduce at that age. It would probably kill the female one, but it can happen. So therefore we have to separate them. We have a red cage for the girls, and a blue cage for the boys. We might buy a purple cage for the girls and have the red cage for the medical cage so in case anything happens to one of them they can be separated from the rest. My friend is starting a breeding business, and these are the second round of babies to be bred. All of Penny’s babies are spoken for. There is one person that wants the twins, and the other three are going to separate people, including the one that is going to me. So far the first two that were born have not been spoken for, but we haven’t even advertised them yet. we were going to wait until they were one month old.

The first one to have babies, Patty, was expecting when my friends bought her, but we didn’t know it. My friends bought a male to mate with her and they did their thing the first day they were put together. That was how a date in July was calculated. Needless to say, we were shocked when she had her two on Friday the 13th. One baby was stillborn. That happened to Penny too with her first litter. My friends had no idea that the very day that she delivered her first litter, before we even knew she had had them, and got the male out and into another cage, he mated with her again, and she was expecting again. They didn’t know that was even possible to happen. They had planned on waiting three months to give her time to recuperate from the first litter before breeding her again, but Mother Nature obviously had other plans. In the pet business, sometimes you have to learn as you go. My friends are starting a company called “Geek Pets Solutions”, and are going to offer different pet services from bathing, teeth brushing, kenneling, sitting services, and selling various pet supplies, to obviously breeding guinea pigs. They are off to a good start I would say.

Stay tuned for future updates.