New Years Eve and New Years Day Are Over

Try starting the new year out with a few simple hacks that will make your life a little easier.

Here is a way to keep your boots from falling over and getting out of shape. The picture I got from,


If you like an egg sandwich, but don’t know how to cook the egg without it spreading all over the frying pan, just coral it inside a large onion ring slice. Cut a large onion and use the larger outer rings of the onion as little holders for the eggs. If you want an omelet sandwich, or just an omelet by itself, just scramble the egg and put whatever ingredients you wish inside of it while it is in the onion slice coral. (I went to Google for the picture.)

onion slices

You can make your own fire starter kindling with dryer lint and an empty toilet tissue roll. Great for camping or cooking out in the back yard. Gather some dryer lint, stuff it inside of an empty toilet tissue roll and set it on top of your charcoals. Light it and it will burn long enough to catch the charcoal on fire. That way you won’t have to taste the charcoal lighter fluid in your food. I also used a paper towel roll and cut it into thirds. After I was done, I had to take the lint out of the long paper towel roll because it wouldn’t fit into the plastic bag. The ones I have are being kept for bug out or until the summer when cookout season starts again.

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To start a fire, you can also use Doritos or Pringles. They catch on fire quickly and burn long enough for the charcoals to catch on fire. These also keep your food from smelling like lighter fluid.

doritospringles chips

If you can never keep up with your pony tail bands, try putting them around a large medicine bottle. You can also use an empty toilet tissue roll if you would like. I took the toilet tissue roll and covered it with wood grain looking contact paper, so it wouldn’t look so ugly sitting around. However, the first time it got wet, it was ruined. It fell apart at the seam, literally. That was when I went to the medicine bottle. They can get wet and it doesn’t do anything. Also, they won’t bend up and let the bands fall off of them.

2016-01-03 02.15.28

I hope that you are able to use at least one of these hacks. Let me know what you think about them in the comments below.