Pictures Show There Are Still Good People Left In America

These pictures were on Facebook, and other places. They are examples showing that there are still good people in America.


This is how America is GREAT.

Above – rescues of child and his pet during flood

Above – helping elderly man down hill with his walker so he won’t fall

Above – Helping elderly man down escalator

Above – security guard treating man to lunch


Above – Holding umbrella for guard

#TheRealAmerica is still here.
Pictures from other places showing Americans and others that help needy people in all kinds of circumstances.

Above – helping keep baby occupied

Above – reunited 15 years after her rescue from hurricane Katrina

Above – kindness for all races on transportation system. Children like each other.

Above – Uber driver took man to hospital and kept him company because nobody else around

All of the above pictures show examples of how there are still good people helping people in need. This is what makes America great!


My reaction to these pictures was one of a joyful heart.

Seeing pictures like these show that people being kind to each other is not dead like many people think it is. These pictures just go to show that there are still good people left in the world. Any time when there is doubt about the goodness or kindness of other people, just look back at pictures like these and you will see that there is still goodness in America.