Put God Back Where He Belongs

I think that one of the worse things that could happen to public schools is when Madeline O’Hare won the lawsuit to have anything and everything religious and having to do with God or Jesus, taken out of the schools. To me that was he beginning of the demise of America’s greatness. The airwaves were allowed to put sexually explicit things, vulgar things, cursing, just about anything bad you can think about was allowed over the air waves and on TV. Schools were no longer allowed to read the Bible, Pledge Allegiance to the American Flag, or sing the National Anthem. Funny this God can’t be taught or spoken about in schools, but Muslim faith can be freely taught ion public schools. There is something very wrong with this picture.

About that same time the law was passed to allow women to have abortions. They were allowed to kill a beating heart by calling the baby tissue, and fetus. Words that did not come close to sounding like baby or human being. So if you didn’t want the child you were carrying you could kill it by calling it an abortion. But if you wanted the baby and someone hit you, kicked you, threw you down a flight of stairs, or any other thing that killed your baby, it was considered MURDER. Either way an innocent baby was killed, but since there was a law allowing abortions, it was OK.

Well, I think it’s about time for God to show His displeasure with us, and He’s doing it in a way that everybody can see. America needs to wake up and put God back where he belongs in our lives. After all, our great country was founded on Religious Freedom so we could worship how ever and wherever we wished and not have any problems. And look at where we are today. America has the highest death rate of any country in the WORLD. That’s not exactly anything to sneeze at.

I’ll stop here. But I hope you get the picture.