Reusing Plastic Containers From Restaurants And Purchased Food Items

All of us at some time or another has brought home leftovers from various restaurants. Some of these restaurants use the Styrofoam containers. Some of them use the plastic containers with lids on them, and that prevents spilling. Needless to say, the plastic containers are definitely better, and they are reusable.

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You may be thinking that these containers can only be used for food. If that is what you are thinking, then you would be wrong. They are good to store any number of different items. One of my friends has reorganized his whole tool bag, by using many of the plastic containers for his different types of tools and supplies. I used them to organize my sewing box.

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Many parents use them to organize their children’s play area and bedrooms. They are handy to hold hair ribbons and ponytail bands in, as well as jewelry. They may not be as attractive as store bought items are, but THEY ARE FREE, and if they get broken it is no big deal to get more. After all, you have to eat to live, and if you are paying for the meal, you may as well get the containers, if there are leftovers to take home. Even if the leftovers are different, depending on how different they are, you may be able to mix them together and make a shepherds pie with them. And you now have a FREE plastic container to store miscellaneous stuff in.

A lot of my friends think that I am very eccentric because of all the different types of “containers” that I save. Not only do I save the plastic containers, I also save boxes, like the ones that Ramen Noodle Soup comes in, and the long boxes that cheese(like Velveeta)  comes in. The Ramen boxes I cover with wood grain looking contact paper, and then use them in my cabinets for things like the sauce mixes and to organize all of the little lids that go to bowls and the plastic containers from the restaurants. I also use them for stuff on what used to be my phone stand(back before cell phones), but is now by my front door, so if I need any of the things in it, I can grab the item really quickly.

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