Sanitation In The BATHROOM – What I was Taught As An Adolescent

When I was growing up, my Mother stressed the importance of cleanliness to me and my brothers and sister. She told us that being clean would help to keep us healthy. Then she went on to add that our home needed to be kept clean also. A very important room in the home is the BATHROOM. The living room, the kitchen/dinning room, the den and the BATHROOM are the main rooms that guests would most likely happen to be in, short of the children having friends in their respective bedrooms. That being the case, the BATHROOM is a very important room to make sure that it is sanitary.

One would most likely consider the BATHROOM and the kitchen as the two main rooms that one would have to be more particular about keeping sanitary. As soon as the word BATHROOM comes up in any conversation, even in a joking manner, one almost automatically thinks about odors. I am going to be very blunt while trying to use as kind words as I can to get the point across. I am sorry if I offend anyone with this discussion. Unfortunately this is one topic that all adolescents need to hear about and be told how to accomplish the task of keeping the BATHROOM sanitary. Some items you will need are a trash can(preferably with a lid on it to help control odor), a toilet brush, a plunger, BATHROOM cleaner, and possibly some baby wipes for splatter cleanups. Whether it is in your own apartment, or house, after you have a mate, you need to be considerate of others. Always put a plastic bag in the trash can so all nasty trash can be thrown in it and you won’t have to handle the nasty trash when it has to be thrown out.

When you brush your teeth always clean off the toothpaste tube if you got any on the tube anywhere. Nobody likes to pick up the toothpaste and get toothpaste on their hands and possibly their clothes. Clean out the sink of any toothpaste that has been spit out. You need to clean out your toothbrush as well. When the toothpaste builds up in your toothbrush, you don’t get your teeth as clean as you would if the toothbrush was cleaned out properly.

When you use the toilet for a number 2, you need to ALWAYS make sure that there is no number 2 left on the inside of the toilet. If there is any left on the inside, then you need to clean it off with the toilet brush. If by chance you have had a bout with diarrhea, then it may be necessary to use the baby wipes to clean up any splatter that may be under the toilet seat and around the top of the bowl, that is usually covered with the toilet seat. I also use the baby wipes and wear rubber gloves to clean under the rim of the toilet, just in case the toilet brush misses any spots. A dirty toilet is just disgusting to look at and could be very smelly.

Use the BATHROOM cleaner to clean the sink out. You need to keep the sink drain cleaned out so you won’t have any stopped up sinks. To do this, from time to time you need to take out the stopper in the middle of the sink and remove any hair or debris that has built up on it. Clean up around the faucets on a nightly or every other nightly basis to prevent any calcium buildup. If by chance you do end up with calcium buildup, simply spray on any calcium, and lime remover, and let it sit for just a few minutes and then wipe it off. Always clean out any hair that you can, to prevent the drain from getting stopped up.

There are products available to clean the shower,and make the shower so that the soap scum doesn’t stick on very badly after using it. Once the product is sprayed on the shower, you can use a squeegee to clean it off, once it has soaked on for a few minutes. The same is true for the tub. Each time that you take a bath, you should always clean out the tub, as best as you can, with the wash rag that you used to bathe with. There are products out there, such as sprays and foams and even different types of mops and sponges, that can be used to clean the tub. With both the shower and the tub, always clean out any hair that you can to prevent the drain from getting stopped up. This is true even if you only have a stand-up-in, or roll-in shower and no tub. Stopped up drains are no picnic and could be very expensive if you have to get a plumber to unclog.

I find that cleaning the floor is better done with bleach simply due to the fact that it is the BATHROOM and that it is inevitable that there will be accidents. These accidents may include such things as wetting, being sick, and even sometimes having diarrhea just before you are able to actually sit on the toilet. Other people may not be as picky as I am about what to clean these accidents up with, but I always use bleach.

MEN, this section is for you. When you use the BATHROOM to urinate, ALWAYS raise the toilet seat, and when finished REMEMBER to put it back down again. There is almost nothing more frustrating to a female than to be in a hurry to use the BATHROOM and end up falling into the toilet because the seat was left up. So be considerate of the females in your life and put the seat back down.

If you have a girlfriend and end up using a condom when having sex, THROW IT AWAY in the BATHROOM trashcan, not the bedroom trashcan. After all, who wants to have to put up with the smell after you’re done, and the condom full of the stuff has been thrown away.

When you shave your beard, clean up all of the cut off hair, and rinse out your razor. It’s disgusting to see all of the hair in the sink or shower. You need to replace your razor blades regularly. Used blades can rust and cause medical problems, one of which being tetanus. I know that razor blades can be expensive, but there are solutions. I know that razor blades can be expensive, but there are solutions like “Dollar” and monthly subscription places. You just need to Google razor blade subscriptions

WOMEN, this section is for you. When it is “that time of month” you need to be considerate of others. When you change your sanitary product and go to throw out the used one, wrap it up in toilet paper first. That way, if someone other than yourself uses your BATHROOM, they won’t have to see the disgusting used sanitary product.

If by chance you drip on the toilet seat, you need to clean it up. It’s just plain nasty for someone to go to the toilet after you have used it and they end up sitting in urine, or worse, that you dripped when you were wiping yourself when you got up.

When you shave your legs, clean up all of the cut off hair, and rinse out your razor. It’s disgusting to see all of the hair in the tub or shower. As razor blades or razors can rust, they need to be replaced often. I know that razor blades can be expensive, but there are solutions like “Dollar”. You just need to Google razor blade subscriptions.