Ten Easy To Do Life Hacks

Here are some life hacks that are as simple as simple can be. They take very little time to do.

1. Keep wet shoes in shape – put scrunched up news paper inside the wet shoes to make the shoes keep their shape. I have done this many times. It works great.

2. How to keep little ones in bed so they won’t fall out – put a swimming pool noodle under the fitted sheet on the bed. Unless your child is bigger than normal, this should keep the little one from rolling off of the bed while they are sleeping.

3. Buttons won’t fall off of your shirt after you do this – just put some clear fingernail polish over the thread on the outside of the shirt. It won’t ravel once it dries.

4. Eliminate static cling – throw a wadded up ball of aluminum foil in your clothes in the dryer. It will serve a dual purpose. It will act as a dryer sheet, and it will eliminate static cling.

5. To dry dish washing sponges – use a binder clip that has the handles arranged so that they are flat on your sink or counter. Put the sponge in the clip standing straight up so that it can dry out.

6. To separate unpopped kernels from the popped ones –  when the bag comes out of the microwave, only open it enough for the unpopped kernels to fall out when the bag is turned upside down and shaken. Shake the bag until no unpopped kernels come out, then empty the popped pop corn into a big bowl.

7. To make grilled cheese in a toaster – unless your toaster shuts off when it is on it’s side, that’s all you need to do. Put your bread in the toaster with the cheese side up. Push the on button to start the toaster toasting the cheese. Watch it closely so that the cheese will not get burned. You want to only brown the cheese.

8. Chilled white wine without ice – freeze green grapes. The grapes will keep the wine chilled but will not water it down.

9. How to retrieve small dropped items – simply put a stocking over the end of the pipe connector on your vacuum cleaner. When the vacuum is turned on, all of the small items will be sucked up and cling to the stocking covering.

10. To light candles that have melted down in a jar – all you need to do is to likgt a piece os spaghetti and then put the lit spaghetti down into the jar.