The Pandemic of 1918 vs COVID-19 of 2020

The pandemic of 1918 and after the war ended. I just came across this on my Facebook. I did not know that the second wave that came, after many people poured into the streets when the war ended, killed more people than the war itself did. Why are the people today being so seemingly flippant about following the quarantine guidelines. This seems to be especially true among the younger generation, those under 25 or so. There is no way that I will ever understand why they started licking toilets and door knobs. Hopefully they got the message when some of them died after contracting COVID-19. Is nobody paying attention to the news? The second wave has already started in China, the original starting place to begin with. THE PANDEMIC AND QUARANTINE ARE NOT A JOKE. WAKE UP BEFORE YOU END UP KILLING YOURSELF FROM CATCHING COVID-19.

It seems like history does repeat itself. Part of the first statement in the article below, the getting tired of social distancing, is happening here, right now. So in essence, history is repeating itself almost word for word.


Image may contain: possible text that says '"People grew sick of the social distancing measures as they dragged on into the summer of 1918. When the great war finally ended in late November, people took to the streets to celebrate their good fortune. In the coming weeks, the second wave of the pandemic killed more people than the war. It's not a game..."'