There Are Still Some Good Children Left In Today’s Society

This was on Facebook. I had to re-post it here.


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”So we go to Walmart today, and Lakken happens to see an elderly man that was having a hard time shopping and finding things due to him not being able to lift his head up and see straight.
He can see the ground and barely the sides of him, so Lakken looks at me and goes, ‘Aunt Ry can I please help him?’
I said, ‘Yes.’
My nephew went up to the man and asked him if he would like some help. His eyes lit up and said, ‘Well, yes that would be amazing young man, thank you so much.’
Lakken was running all over the place for this man and he was so happy. The man told us he hasn’t had help in years, and he was so happy he ran into an amazing smart young man like Lakken! I was so proud of him!
Lakken went and helped him check out and bag his stuff as well and had them call the show bus.
The man tried to tip Lakken and my nephew said, ‘Oh thank you but I don’t need this. I enjoyed helping you, you keep your money’.
I’m beyond proud of my nephew Lakken. You don’t see or get many people, let alone children, who do these things for people.”
Credit: Rylee Long
Your nephew sure is a great young man. He will go far in this world. He has obviously been brought up right. Thank you for posting this. This should go viral, but it probably won’t. It seems that the news is only interested in posting about the pandemic and resulting riots. How sad things are going today when I compare them to when I was growing up in the 50s and 60s! I wish the older man and your nephew only the best.